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Hey guys my first post. I have been super thrilled about setting up my aquarium. After 3 weeks of delightful research I have set my eyes on none other than cherry barbs. but because they are under threat and how beautiful they are, I am extra concerned for their safety in my new tank. If any of you vets or otherwise could give me a green signal I would be greatly at ease.

I have gravel subtrate - please see the pic - will it hurt or harm their fins?
Its a planted tank with water wisteria & bacopa caroliniana. Normal LED lighting.
Have left the tank running for 2 weeks.
Added Seachem Stability for 7 days as BoP instructions.
Added a pinch of fish food 3x so far. Can also see some leaves rotting.
Water chemistry all within normal range. 0 ammonia.
I noticed a cloudy tank for 2 days (bacterial bloom?) But now tank is clear.

On the day of adding fish, I plan to:
Do a 25% water change.
Add 1 capful of stability
Check water parameters to be within normal range.

I plan to introduce 6 CBs (hopefully 3 females and 3 males). I know the reco is to go with fewer fish but I felt a good school will minimize their stress
Ph is 6.5-6.6 - s it ok for CB?

I would grately appreciate any advice or tips or watchouts. I absolutely love animals and cannot see them suffer- which is exactly why I went for fishless cycling. But still nervous if I may still hurt them.

My option B is White Cloud Minnows. Or Black Neon Tetra. (I plan to add either 6xthem in the future along with BN Pleco)


I love cherry barbs, you substrate will be fine and ph is good. They are a bright little fish and males are deep red. Side note don't be alarmed if your wisteria melts I see its still got its emersed grown leaves.


Sounds good to me! Not sure about doing a BN though. Maybe do corys instead?
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LeviS - Thanks for WW tipoff. I'm already seeing some leaves rot. Love this bit about this plant!
FishGirl - I thought of BN because i kind of liked their zen-like calmness! Also because they are happy solo. If I go for Corys and Otos (Both absolutely adorable) I'll have to go for 6 or more. I heard Corys don't care for algae much?


Cherry barbs are a great fish. All looks good- post pics when you get them!

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