New Tank Coming Soon..........MTS

  1. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    Ive finally convinced my family into getting a new BIGGER tank. Probably looking around 1 metre in lenth or 39" with an aprox. volume 165L or 42gal. Which is what Ive been wishing for.

    I'm going to transfer all my larger fish into including the angel, Synodontis and Red-tail. Probably get another Angel more catfish, swordtails and etc. And for the 16gal put some more neons.

    Hope to get it before the end of my holidays so I'll have time to set it up. Want to get those stands and hoods like the ones Isabella showed in a recent post but I cant. All well I can't have everything ;).

    Also finally got that light I was planning to get its an Aqua One 24" single, 20 watts. So the tank looks much better. ;D

    Keep you posted on when I actually get the new one.

  2. OP

    Jason Well Known Member Member

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  3. atmmachine816

    atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    wats the common name for the synodontis o and if ur angel is fulll grown u should consider before getting another angel b/c i think if u get another angel the bigger one will pick on him im not positive on this but im pretty sure thats wat will happen and if ur gona get more cories try to get the same type b/c they usually play togethr more if ther the same type and congratulations on getting a bigger tank now i got to convine my parents to let me get a smaller tank this summer ;D
  4. Isabella

    Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    Good luck with the new tank J-Man :) I love setting up a tank, and I wish I could be getting a new one every once in a while, haha! But of course that's not possible. Make sure you post some pictures when all is ready !!! As for the fancy stands, while they do look beautiful, they're there merely to complement a tank that in itself is the main beauty. So of course it isn't the stand that matters but the fishies in a tank :)
  5. OP

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    My angel is quite big already so I'll hopefully I can get this new tank soon to transfer it. I dont think it'll get picked on as the newer one will have to adapt to the new surroundings after the other has settled in. Also my angel is very docile.

    The common name for my Synodontis is the Feather Fin Catfish or The Feather Fin Squeaker.

    I agree that the stand only complements the tank itself, but it looks cool. I might just have a cheap wooden stand that I'll have to stain mysef or get a ready done one