New Tank coming soon.. ideas and Advice needed

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HI I'm a newcomer to fish and could do with advice. I have successfully *crosses fingers* set up a small (6.5-7 uk glallons 8-9 US) tank and it is finally stocked with a small mixed bunch of baby Tetra (biggest is 1 inch Glowlight smallest is 1 cm Cardinal) who are housed here until their permanent home is ready (a 25 US Gallon Tank) which has started Cycling today. (did only have the 5 Glowlights but had 5 Cardinals given to me on basis that they would get flushed if I didn't)

I wanna keep this small tank as a hospital/quaranteen tank in the future or as an emergency tank

But this Summer I'm gonna be getting a much larger tropical tank, about 150cm x 40cm x 60cm. what can I keep in this? I kinda like the look of Gouramis and Oscars but no idea on any others (Except the Corys/Plecos) but how many? any I should avoid?
[[Important]] It is gonna be looked after by me and two other students who have a collective knowledge about Fish

1) they require a tank of water
2) they will eventually die (hopefully after long and fulfilled fishy lives)

I have a basic grasp of Cycling, Ammonium/Nitrite/Nitrate/pH monitoring and how to spot anything wrong and have never had a pet die from neglect.

any help/advice greatfully received

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I'd say avoid the Oscar as it will soon be triple the size of anything else and eventually consume them. You should either go for a nice community aquarium or a cichlid aquarium. If you like gouramis go for the community aquarium.

Get some surface dwellers like gouramis, livebearers and get some schoolers tetras, maybe angels but I'm not sure if they'll like the gouramis and get some bottom dwellers corys, plecos, other catfish....
Its up to you what you like but do the research on each and make sure that they're compatible etc.
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are there any fish that will really interact with people? cos I'd quite like fish with personalities if at all possible.

the only pre experience with fish is my Grandads old Ghost Coy that came when you splashed the edge of the pond and he'd come and rub against you is there any type of tank kept fish that have this sort of intelligence?
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Well, goldfish do interact with people from what I hear, but they're not good for a community tank. And they're pretty demanding (except for the fact that they do not need heating).

I personally have a pair of angelfish. They seem very interactive to me. They eat out of my hand. They follow me when I walk by my tank. They sort of "wiggle" their tails when they know they're about to be fed. I love their behaviors. I think they have a lot of personality. I love my angels. This is the only larger interactive fish species with which I have personal experience. There surely are many other fish with personalities (especially Cichlids), which you should research. Or hopefully someone here has experience with other species.

Good Luck
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Yes my Angels are very interactive and are just plain beggers. I also have clown loaches which will get very large and will need a large tank some day(125g or larger).
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are there any fish that will really interact with people? cos I'd quite like fish with personalities if at all possible.

Both my Gold Gourami and my Tiger Barbs come to the front of the tank whenever I go over to look at them. They are full of personality. Especially the Tiger Barbs, I love to watch them chase each other around the tank and play tag. Just remember if you get Tiger Barbs that like to be kept in groups of 5 or more, that way they have someone to play with, and they are also known to be fin nippers so they shouldn't be kept with anything with long flowing fins.
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My dalmation mollies have a lot of personality.  They remind me of dogs, because whenever they see me they rush over, wagging their tails.  If I stick my fingers in the water they'll come over and see what I'm doing.
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I've pretty much given up on the Oscar (unless I get a 4th tank :? and here's what I'm knda planning

Small Tank : Betta
Apple Snail

Medium Tank: 5 Cardinal Tetra
5 Glowlight Tetra
4 Cory Cats
(could a Khulie Loache or 2 fit as well? I'd rather under- than over-stock)

Large Tank: Kissing Gourami (I really want thes as the tank is a gift from my boyfriend and I'm a soppy romantic)
Moonlight Gourami
3 spot/golden Gourami
Zebra Danios
Leopard Danios
a Rainbow Fish or 2
Bristle-nosed Catfish

Does that sound ok? the Large tank is a wish list to pick and choose from really. Are there any other suggestions for it? this tank is replacing the role of TV as we don't watch tv and want something interesting to look at in the lounge.
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Not sure about the moonlight gourami , but the 3 spot/golden gourami will terrorize your tank. They are real butt heads, and any other gouramis in your tank will be terrorized. Moonlights are supposed to be pretty docile, so that might work. I'm not sure about the rainbows either. They are middle level fish, and may not do well with the more active and nippy danios since they will be competing for the same area in the tank. Depending on the size of this tank, how about some loaches or cory cats to occupy the bottom? They will be fine with the bristlenose, and add more activity to your tank.
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yeah, forgot about the Cory's, I'm trying to find a supplier in the Leeds Bradford area that can get Panda Cory's cos they look so cute but no-one has them. Also really like the KhulI Loaches

What Gourami's can be mixed? the only ones I'm set on is the kissing Gourami

are there any character fish that anyone would recommend to go with the Gourami/Danio mix?

what substrate will be best for my Cory's and Loaches?

thankyou everyone ;D
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how big is ur medium tank
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it is:

25 Uk Gallons
(D40cm x L75cm x H42cm)

at mo with no hood/light, am buying those this week
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do u know how many that is in U S gallons its bout 30 or so right
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if it is I say u could get several kullies but wait for the more expierenced in that category of fish
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small tank is outta comission due to my new house is cold and it's not suitable for a heater

medium tank (15 - 20gal) =

5 full grown Cardinal Tetra
5 full grown Glowlight Tetra
4 Corydora
1 Betta (on trial basis, will buy him his own tank if the Tetra don't like him)

big tank (90gal)

2 Dwarf Gourami*
2 Pearl Gourami*
6 Zebra Danios *
6 Leopard Danios *
6 Pearl Danios (the Danios are so playful! I like em) *
4 Lake Kutubu Rainbow*
4 Pencil Fish
5 Corydoras*
1 Bristle Nosed Plec*
2 Kuhlie Loaches

(please note I do not want ALL of these, they are what I like, I'm just not sure of compatability)

I'm also thinking of going for sand/fine gravel substrate and lots of mixed planting round the back and edges with some low-lying central ones, to give plenty of hiding places for the Gouramis to have space and avoid territory disputes.
Will different Danios school with each other? if so I would probably drop to four of each

the ones with asterisks are the ones I would really like but do you think this would work?

(all Gallons are UK)

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