New Tank Build, 72 Bowfront Or 125??

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    Hey all,
    So I've been kicking the idea around to get a bigger tank for a Jack Dempsey pair, and found two options that will work out for me space/money wise.

    1) 72g bowfront that comes with all deco, rock, heaters, lights etc and a handful of fish that I would end up sending home with my brother for one of his tanks for $265

    2) 125g that comes with filters, lights, and heaters for $300

    Both use HOB filters that I would probably replace with a canister setup/new filters because I dislike the biowheel filters.

    Question is: Which do you think would be better for a pair of Jack Dempsey? And what else would you recommend putting in the tank with them? I'd like to do it natural with driftwood, lava rock, live plants, etc and stay away from too much artificial decor.

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  2. Smalltownfishfriend

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    In my opinion bigger is better!! If you can afford and have the room for the 125 I would say go for it!!!