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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by 123, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. 123Valued MemberMember

    Hello :) So, 2 days ago I moved all my fish to 60 liter with some bright white light. It is a white tube light which is really bright. Before they had just a baaad yellow lightbulb light.

    So, I bought lots of plants to make lot of shades. And since they get some daylight, I only turn on the lights in the afternoon and let it on until I go to sleep (5-7 hours). They seem to be ok with the light, my problem is ... when I switch it off in the evening the small fishes freak out and throw themselves around, even hit the glass. I had no idea this would happen and I totally want to prevent stressing them.

    I honestly dont know anything about lights, I just used whatever is in the second-hand tank that I buy. And Im spending lot of money on the fishes already so Im looking for some problem-solving inexpensive solution. I think I might be able to buy a small string of blue leds if that could help? Also, if I get that, are blue leds ok to use as night-light and have it on all night? Or would it be ok if I put a little night-stand light right next to the tank and leave it on while I switch off the main tank light, to kind of gradually reduce the light at night?

  2. PunkinWell Known MemberMember

    My fish tend to dislike the light as well. What has helped me, is to turn it on when there is still daylight (which it sounds like you do), and when I turn it off at night, I make sure there are some room lights on so it doesn't go completely dark immediately. I also have the "window" in the tank hood blocked with blue painter's tape, so it gives it that moonlight look all the time instead of the white light. But I do not have live plants in the tank, so that may not work for you.

  3. 123Valued MemberMember

    I will try to do that today! :) Thank you! And it is good idea with the colored tape! But I think you are right that my plants might not thank me for it :)

  4. lilabug4545Well Known MemberMember

    What type of light is it? Depending on the type, you could possibly just slowly dim it, or change the colors from brightest-least bright.
  5. 123Valued MemberMember

    Well it is a long tube light, I guess neon. It only has a switch to turn it on and off. It is build in the top of the Juwel aquarium. I thought about putting something over it or painting it to reduce the brightness, but the tube also produces some heat so I dont think it would be good idea.
  6. pugletfanWell Known MemberMember

    You could add floating plants for shade. I added some stems of bacopa to my tank, floating on one side. The fish like to hang out under the plants.

    I agree with having the room lights on so it doesn't go from bright light to darkness.
  7. 123Valued MemberMember

    I have tried floating plants but my gourami destroys them. Only thing that survived is anacharis which I leave floating. Maybe I will look for some artificial floating ones. But I have loooots of other live plants in there to create a shade. I think I will just have to get used to having lights on before switching off aquarium :)
  8. Ryan PValued MemberMember

    What kind of gourami do you have? My Pearl and my previous DG loved my amazon frogbit and hides there everynight. Maybe that works for you or also dwarf water lettuce too :)
  9. 123Valued MemberMember

    I have honey gouramis. My male wants to spawn all the time and is just mad that his bubblenest gets ruined by others so he tears apart all weak plants hoping it would keep his nest together. He also ruined all the water lettuce plants in less than a week :D I thought about getting the frogbit but I am bit skeptical at this point whether it is not waste of money.

    I had the male in separate tank but had to put him in the big tank again because I had to quarantine other fish. Maybe once I clean the QT tank I will move him there again and then others wont ruin them. It is my Japanese Rice Fishes that get 'blinded' I guess.

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  10. TheeLadyGValued MemberMember

    My fish dislike when I turn on their light as well. I have a fluorescent bulb at the moment, my plan is to eventually retrofit the hood light with LED's on a dimmer switch so the transition isn't so fast.

    The thing to keep in mind with fish is. not only do they they have no eyelids, but their pupils don't contract either... they have no way to regulate the light coming into their eyes except diving deeper or getting under something. Their eyes are designed for a gradual dawn and dusk. A sudden bright light is pretty shocking! It's good you have plants, and they may become more accustomed over time.

    I actually cover my tank with a cloth at night because they're in our living room and we're night owls, haha
  11. wodesorelWell Known MemberMember

    I bought an LED strip last week to go with the fluorescent I've been using for years. My ember tetras freak out every time the LED is on, but I need more lights for the plants. I think they get scared from the shadows cast by the rippling water. Today I lowered the LED past the surface (it's a waterproof strip) and they brightened up and started acting more normal.
  12. Small TanksValued MemberMember

    I have a small LED night light - it's a soft blue and I keep on after I turn off the light at night and it stays on until there's natural light in the room (I usually flick it off in the am when I get off). I like it it's kinda moon light like.
  13. TheeLadyGValued MemberMember

    ooh that's a good observation. I'll keep that in mind too. I have fancy goldfish so they are pretty laid back in general but I think my telescope eye is really sensitive to the light (he has red pupils like an albino!)

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