New Tang mates to Large Angels and Tang

  1. eric1115 Initiate Member

    I have a 220 gallon FOWLR currently housing a 8" Queen Angel, a 8" French Angel and a 4" Sailfin tang. I wanted to add two more fish and that will be all the fishes for this tank. I am thinking a Picasso Trigger and a Minatus grouper.

    Can this be done? Will these two fishes be compatible with my current fishes?

    I don't have any CUC and don't intend to have any if I can add these two fishes. All my current fishes are pretty aggressive, they have killed some of my other fishes, that's why I am afraid to add anything that is not aggressive.

  2. AJ59690 Member Member

    not sure about the grouper but the trigger should be all could also try green chromis, clown fish, hippo tang, batfish or spanish/cubern hog.