New Tang mates to Large Angels and Tang

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    eric1115 New Member Member

    I have a 220 gallon FOWLR currently housing a 8" Queen Angel, a 8" French Angel and a 4" Sailfin tang. I wanted to add two more fish and that will be all the fishes for this tank. I am thinking a Picasso Trigger and a Minatus grouper.

    Can this be done? Will these two fishes be compatible with my current fishes?

    I don't have any CUC and don't intend to have any if I can add these two fishes. All my current fishes are pretty aggressive, they have killed some of my other fishes, that's why I am afraid to add anything that is not aggressive.

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    AJ59690 Valued Member Member

    not sure about the grouper but the trigger should be all could also try green chromis, clown fish, hippo tang, batfish or spanish/cubern hog.