new swordtails


I didnt even recognise my swordtail was pregnant as i,ve only had her about 2 weeks when I got concerned as she was always swimming near top and seemed to stay quiet hiding in the corner when I woke up this morning and found 10 baby swordtails so i,ve rushed to my lfs and gpt a baby fry trap and some powedered baby food for them I put the fry in the net can ne one please give me ne more useful advice on how to look after the babys


First off CONGRATULATIONS!!! Like most newborn livebearer fry baby swordtails can fend for themselves and eat crushed flake right away. They will eat just about anything crushed up small, but the most important thing babies need is good water quality.
Feed them two small meals a day and do an extra water change or two each week.


I've always found transferring livebearer fry (in my case, Molly, Platty and Swordtail), to a five gallon tank with a sponge filter, ensures healthy fish who don't have to hide at feeding time when their parents and other adult fish can, and will eat them.. make sure to use a fine mesh net to do the transferring, decorate your fry tank with a few plants and ornaments, feed them powdered baby food for the first month or two, followed by crushed flakes alternating with crumbled bits of freeze-dried Brine Shrimp.. and when they're about 3/4 inch to 1 inch big, you can start to re-integrate them into your main livebearer tank.. at that size they'll be a lot more able to feed among the adults without having to worry about being eaten.

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