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Discussion in 'Sump' started by billyboy2, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. billyboy2Valued MemberMember

    hey, i'm tyring to setup my first sump. I took a 20G tank that a freind had for free for me and added baffles and made a simple 3part sump/fuge.

    I have a 55G reef DT. Now i have been researching this topic for weeks now and have still not fully decided on a pump and overflow size. Some say 5x the DT volume is a good amount to overturn and others say 10X.

    I'm hoping someone with a similar sized DT and Sump can help me decided on the overflow and return pump. Right now i am looking at a 600GPH overflow and a MAG 8 return pump. The amount of head the return pump will have to pump is aproximatley 3 feet. Does this sound about right??? i don't want to order this stuff and find out that the overflow is too big or too small, or my pump is mis-matched for the height it has to pump the water to get it back into the DT.

    not sure if it matters but due to space limitations my sump will be beside my DT on the ground not directly under it. My overflow will be on the side of the DT so the bulkhead drains almost directly down to the sump
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  2. GargoyleWell Known MemberMember

    I built mine to flow around 450 gallons per hour on my 55 gallon. Thats thats about 8x turnover rate. In my opinion that is sufficient..

  3. billyboy2Valued MemberMember

    how big of a sump do you have on that setup and what pump are you using to return to your DT?
  4. David CWell Known MemberMember

    Wow, I didn't even know there was a Mag 8, guess I missed it. I use a Mag9 on my 90gal and it's outstanding. Here is a link to a headloss calculator so you can determine the flow rate that the pump of your choice will put through in your particular setup.
    The sump location will work regardless of it's location. Most people feel a sump should flow around 5x display tank volume per hour. I'm going over that so it's ok. You can fine tune your flow rate by installing a gate valve on your return line. Since pumps are designed to operate with a head pressure, closing the gate valve simulates an increased head height and results in no damage to the pump.

  5. billyboy2Valued MemberMember

    ok i picked out a 300GPH overflow now what would be a good sized return pump? i was thinking in the area of 600GPH or will that be to small still?
  6. David CWell Known MemberMember

    If you use the head loss calculator from my previous post, you can determine the flowrate of the exact pump you purchase using the return line and number of fittings in your setup. It's the best way to match it up. Play with a few different pumps and you will be good to go. Just make sure to install the ball valve on your return line so you can make adjustments should the pump be a little too much for your return.

  7. GargoyleWell Known MemberMember

    LOL my sump is WAY to small but I will upgrade it one day.. Currently it is a 5.5 gallon tank.. My return pump is a ViaAqua 1800.. Found here -->  

    I plan on upgrading to a 10 gallon sump that will be divided. But for now what I have works well. I use a 1 inch DIY PVC pipe overflow system with a water lifter pump to maintain the siphon as air free as possible. It is not needed but I use it anyway. ;D

    Hope that helps some... I built it so I could construct my own filter as I found the canisters needed to much maintenance and didn't allow the flexibility I wanted.

    I now use my old canister filter as a vacuum and water change pump... Works great for that stuff!! And I love my sump / trickle filter..
  8. Stang ManWell Known MemberMember

    On a 55 gallon with 3/4 return line you need a 650 to 750 gph pump to have good flow you will lose depending on return line about 550 on 3/4 on 650 pump I would go 750 pump will return 650 on 3 foot of return for a 75 gallon I'm running a 650 on a 29 with 1/2 inch return and getting 535 gph the more flow is better for reef and you will also need a propellar pump or power head that pushes about the same for other side of tank.
  9. SarrixxValued MemberMember

    it also depends on if your DT is a reef or FOWLR. reefs need over 10x turnover rate from what i understand, some people even reccomend up to 20x!

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