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    Hey everybody.

    I have a tank of 60x32.5x30 60 liters.

    Also have a water filter and temprature controller. I also have a beautiful decoration in it and would have liked some help in putting together an aquarium, follow the pictures of the aquarium and the fish I would like to have. Which can I combine and how many different types I can put together and how many of each.

    Mvg a young hoping aquarium enthusiast.

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  2. FishFish221

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    You can either get:
    8 panda corydoras or the other species of corys you posted
    8 mosquito rasboras

    8-10 panda corydoras or the other species of corys your posted
    1 betta

    The pictures you posted before also got removed by the mods so you might want to list the species of fish in your post for other people wanting to help know what species of fish you want.
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    Where did you get the plane?? I love it!!
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    Welcome aboard!
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    This tank looks amazing! I love the plane :) Welcome from a fellow newbie!