New Start Up Tank, Im Clueless!!!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Jaybo84, May 21, 2019.

  1. Jaybo84 New Member Member

    Hi everyone. I've just joined as i have got myself a tank. Its my first ever one. Its a Fluval edge 6 gallon tank. the filter and heater etc....are the ones that come standard with the tank. Im just wondering what kind of plants i should be getting for it? I want like a jungle theme, lots of green etc. .also, what kind of fish should i be getting to start up with? Also, i heard you can get shrimp for the tank too?

  2. candiedragon Well Known Member Member

    Plants like anubias nana species, bucephelandra species, cryptocoryne parva, maybe cryptocoryne wendtii, dwarf sag, staurogyne repens, hygrophila compact, marimo moss balls, various moss species. Or for a jungle, you could probably try some stem plants like ludwigia repens or rotala rotundifolia, though you may need to trim them once in a while so it doesnt get too long for your liking.

    There aren't many fish you can do in a 6 gallon setup. Maybe a betta and a snail, a shrimp tank, or a pea puffer.

    If you do shrimp, it would help to know your pH, gH, and kH. Neocaridinas are usually better for beginners, they also prefer a neutral pH but may handle up to 8.0. Caridinas are a bit more delicate and prefer slightly acidic water.

  3. Jaybo84 New Member Member

    Thanks for the reply. I might leave the shrimp then until i really understand what i am doing. Should i limit myself to just one beta fish? Obviously as its a small tank i know i cant have a lot of fish in there, so was just curious. Thanks for the plant ideas too, its appreciated

  4. TamiR Valued Member Member

    Welcome and good luck with your first tank! I just went through the whole process so I know how excited you are! Easy plants to use are java fern, anubias, cryptocoryne, has some great videos on aquascaping (look for Aquapros to start, he is great)...look at Aquatic Arts for plants...I just ordered a bunch..they explain what each plant requires before you is a really great source of info on different types of plants.

  5. KaptainStache New Member Member

    How good is the light that's included? In a small tank it is easier for carpeting plants. It helps if you have an idea before you fill the tank. I've dirted an established tank and it waz a pain.
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  6. The_fishy Valued Member Member

    Just one betta if you decide to go that route. Depending on the personality of the betta, you might be able to have other things in there as well (shrimp, snails, dwarf cray).
  7. Jaybo84 New Member Member

    The light is really bright to be honest. Its an led light.

    Thank you for the help. its appreciated and I'll take your advice

    Ok great, thank you
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  8. candiedragon Well Known Member Member

    One betta for sure, it would be near-impossible to try two (even females) in such a small space like a 6 gallon tank.
  9. TetraKing101 Valued Member Member

    Use jungle Val it’s grows like crazy you’ll have to cut it but it gives a lush jungle look
  10. Jaybo84 New Member Member

    Hi guys, just letting you all know, I've set my tank up now so im leaving it a few days to settle. Im hoping someone has any good links they can send me to look for the right betta fish?
  11. DIYhack Valued Member Member

    Look into the nitrogen cycle first and read. You can’t just let a tank settle and add fish. Usually takes 3-4 weeks.

    You can use quick start and water conditioner like prime.

    You can do a in fish cycle but it’s a lot more work. 50% water changes every other day etc.
  12. Jaybo84 New Member Member

    Thanks for the reply. i didn't mean i was going to put a fish straight in, sorry. I didn't clear that up. i understand i have to leave it all in there for the next fortight or so. I was just asking in general, i can see betta fish on eBay but wasn't sure if that's a good ppace to buy a fish from?
  13. DIYhack Valued Member Member

    I’m sure there are some good ones on eBay prob expensive. I’ve only ever saved them from cups in in pet stores
    For like $7.
  14. Noroomforshoe Valued Member Member

    Ebay has gorgeos specimens. Likely much helthier then the ones in the cups at the petstore. And they are delivered stragt to you, instead of being delivered to the petstore, sitting in dirty cup in noisy store , people manhandling them... But if you want to buy such a beautiful specimen, and pay the $30 shipping, I would suggest a 10 gallon tank. Any of the half moon, dumbo, super long finned bettas will do better in a 10 gallon. But that is my opinion, you will make your own decision.
    If you really want to see some beautiful fish, check out