New snails

  1. Rockyco

    Rockyco Valued Member Member

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    Finally found some snails at my LFS. The striped one, sadly was an empty shell. So I got a blueish one, a multi colored brown and a grey one. Sadly I got them hours before I had to leave town on a business trip. I'll see if they survived week 1 on Saturday. Hopefully they'll be alive and photogenic.
  2. emmynk

    emmynk Well Known Member Member

    I like the big white (grey?) One. It reminds me of the snails from lake Tanganyika .... maybe it is??? If it is.... I'm looking for them. Hahaha
  3. celizabethh3

    celizabethh3 Valued Member Member

    I really like the striped one. Do you know what kind it is? :)

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  4. emmynk

    emmynk Well Known Member Member

    I believe that is a zebra nerite
  5. OP

    Rockyco Valued Member Member

    Well, I have only found 1 of the 3 snails. And it doesn't look promising. It's upside down on the sand :( the other 2 are m.i.a.
  6. blusshed

    blusshed Well Known Member Member

    Snails tend to go MIA ...

    My leopard nerite is usually no where to be found at any time, and actually fell off the FRONT of my tank the other night. He he climbed out the back, and worked his way around the entire 75gal and dried out and fell off, and perked right up and went back to his favorite spot above the water line...
  7. Witchydesign

    Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    I have a zigzag nerite that refuses to be in the water at all. He sticks to the top of the tank, the canopy, inside the hob, or the once to twice a week outside glass. He goes in at night ive noticed. Otherwise he really hates being underwater.