New silver dollars!!

Discussion in 'Silver Dollar Fish' started by goldenrod1967, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. goldenrod1967New MemberMember

    I added 2 new silver dollars to one of my 55 gal. tanks so that the one that I had would come out of his plant where he likes to hide! It was so cool.....he was eyeing them up as they were floating in the bag and when I finally let them swim free, he just kinda fell in with them in the most beautiful display of synchronized swimming I've ever seen as if they'd been together forever. Brought a tear to my eye!! :'( Just thought I'd share! ;)
  2. bullhorsetookNew MemberMember

    Awesome. I was thinking of adding some SDs to my tank. I was considering bumping my number to four dollars. I have a 55 as well.
  3. goldenrod1967New MemberMember

    Yes, I learned from experience that they like to be part of a school and the new ones (I believe they're both female, and my original I"m pretty sure is a male), have worked out so well! They're such beautiful fish! ;)
  4. atmmachine816Fishlore VIPMember

    Don't they need a larger tank and wouldnt the oscar be aggresive to them
  5. goldenrod1967New MemberMember

    They're bigger than the oscar!! He-he! ;D They kinda chase each other around, but he's not really aggressive. That was the one way that combination of fish was suggested to me- if the silver dollars were bigger than the oscar. He's just a baby, so they'll hopefully grow up together ;)

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