New Shrimp on the Way!

  1. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

  2. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    Congrats on the promo and shrimps!
  3. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    Thanks, I'm actually really excited about both!
  4. BubblySkootch Member Member

    Congratulations on the shrimp and the promotion!
  5. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    Thank you :)
  6. Airth Member Member

    Big congrats on the promotion and shrimp. =D Just ordered the red and yellow dwarf combo pack and 5 of the sky blue velvets yesterday from Aquatic Arts (via Amazon). I'm hoping both of our new additions arrive healthy. Would love to see some pics of yours when you get them. =)

    Very excited; I've only ever had ghost shrimp so this will be a new experience.
  7. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    Thank you!

    I'll definitely be posting pics once they're here. I actually chose to go through them because of the good recommendations I got on this site for them, so I'm hoping everyone will be healthy for both of us :)

    ime, they are completely different from ghosts. My ghost mostly just hangs out, while my RCS are all over the tank.
  8. Airth Member Member

    Really? o.o my ghosts are always swimming all over the place. I saw two of them get in a slap fight over an exoskeleton yesterday and another one run around with a frog pellet in her mouth and two more in each claw. lol They're such silly little things. If the new shrimp are even more active , , , going to have to camp out in front of the tank. lol
  9. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    Lol, mine only gets hyper if there are blood worms involved. Other than that, she's regularly out and about, but not hyper like my rcs.
  10. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    They're now officially on the way and should be here tomorrow!
  11. Airth Member Member

    Awesome. =D Mine are still being "packaged". Excited to see your new babies when they get in!
  12. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    I paid the extra metric ton of money for the expedited shipping since there's no way I can have them coming down here 2-day... way too hot for them to be sitting on a truck and not open up a package of cooked shrimp. I would otherwise have been waiting about 3 months for them to be able to safely ship :)
  13. Airth Member Member

    Ah. Mine should be here next week. Hopefully not cooked. ._. Wasn't even thinking about that. . .
  14. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    Hopefully yours all get there alright. We're upper 90s here, so not something that would be good for the little shrimp. You're further north I hope :)

    All arrived healthy and in great condition. I had time to acclimate and get them in the tank before running back to work, so hopefully they're all doing well.

    Will post pics tonight.
  15. Airth Member Member

    I did pick the quickest shipping so they should get here fairly quick once they're packaged and shipped out. Still waiting on packaging. I'm right next door to you in Arizona. We're in the 100s already though with the monsoon season approaching we've cooled off some. Fingers crossed.

    I'm glad your little ones got there safe and sound. =D Looking forward to pics!
  16. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    Here we go. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. BubblySkootch Member Member

    They are super pretty-looking - glad they made it ok!
  18. Airth Member Member

    Very pretty. =) Looks like they sent you some extras too. . . unless I miscounted. lol
  19. DanB80TTS Well Known Member Member

    They sure are pricey at aquaticarts but they have good customer service.

    Airth, you say you ordered the red,yellow combo pack and some blues too. Just wanted to make sure you are aware that they will interbreed if kept in the same tank. They don't mention it on their website (or at least not last time i looked),
  20. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Wow, great looking shrimp. Cholla wood may be a good addition to your tank now :)