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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fish Disease' started by JulieK, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. JulieKNew MemberMember

    ??? This isn't about my critters, it's about me. I have an increasingly bad reaction to my tank water, to the point that i have over a dozen raised, bubbled, red, itchy spots all over my hands and up my arm. I even have a hot, red ring around a section of my arm. I have resisted wearing gloves for a couple of reasons. One, my fingertips just reach the substrate because I have a tall tank. Gloves don't go up to my armpit (i have a fat arm). Second, because of the depth of the tank, I need to be able to feel what I am touching because the depth perception is all distorted (maybe that's just me... My tanks sits so high I have to stand over it on a stool to reach down into it.) Third, I like being able to grasp things like the razor blade when I scrape the sides, and because I can't see what I am doing, I need to be very careful to not knock anything over and touch helps in doing so.

    So I am considering what I can do about this...Should I eliminate the snails - as they do this cercaria releasing thing that burrows into human skin once it enters the water. Two, is it the fish food, as it often contains bloodworm which is an allergen of sorts. Is it the coral releasing anything into the water, so should I make the tank a fish only? Do I need a shorter tank AND gloves?
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  2. navyscubaWell Known MemberMember

    That is weird I never heard of anything like it. I say use gloves but since you tried already I'm clueless. Sorry, I'm not much of a help hopefully someone can give you any advise.
  3. Stang ManWell Known MemberMember

    You have an allergic reaction to salt water so get checked out and ask doctor about this! Some people have reactions to salt water!
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    Definitely get tested for allergies. You may be allergic to the snails or something you keep in the tank. If so, you could just remove whatever your allergy is to. Do you run carbon in your tank? This may help remove some of the toxins that you could possibly be having a reaction to. It's just a guess, but it may help out.

  6. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning,

    Sorry to hear about your allergies! I am allergic to shell fish (iodine)when it comes to eating them. I feed my fish Freeze Dried Krill (SF BAY, I have fresh water fish) luckily touching shell fish doesn't bother me. However, since I feed my fish krill, I treat my tank with Nova Aqua + which removes the iodine too. I've swallowed some tank water ;:barfover the years but haven't had any ill effects from it. hmmmmm

    Are you allergic to eating any type of sea food?

    The owner of my local fish store (LFS) is allergic to Blood Worms. He cannot even touch the packaging.

    Best wishes and I hope you get to feeling better.

  7. JulieKNew MemberMember

    Thanks for all the feedback. I guess it's off to the doctor's. I can't even look at my tank the same way - I am afraid of it!!! It's such a shame.

    It comes down to opportunity cost. If doing this impairs my health and incurs so much more cost because of that and working around it, it's likely not the hobby for me. Unfortunately, my whole family looks to me to be the fish whisperer, but they're not the ones going through this.

    If I give up the tank, I will be sad, but proud of myself that I stood at the bottom of a huge learning curve and have progressed. I still have trouble with my skimmer, keeping on top of the pH, balancing all the chemistry needs, etc., but I have come a long way. And this forum where people share experiences and advice really helps. I don't know anyone with a salt water tank, so if not for you all, how would I have even gotten here?
  8. rae64Well Known MemberMember

    Maybe, if you find you are allergic to salt water, try fresh? Or, you could get some kind of tool that will reach the bottom of the tank that you can use for re-arranging or feeding or whatnot?
  9. Stang ManWell Known MemberMember

    You can use gloves that go all the way up to sleeves and wear a mask I have heard of this before and told them the same thing and it worked so find you some gloves and you can continue with your journey!!!!
  10. NaeusuValued MemberMember

    I'm very allergic to Iodine myself :X sometimes i can put my hand in the tank water and nothing will happen and other times i break out into a horrible horrible rash. The best way to get rid of it is to wash off your arm immediately and take a small dose of benadryl.