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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by lozniz, Nov 7, 2005.

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    Hi Everyone! What a fantastic forum!

    When I was younger, I was brought up with an aquarium in the house. Now I'm getting a new house, I'm also getting the opportunity to have my own aquarium. Problem is, I didn't take much interest in the tank setup and the tank that is being given to me is quite big.

    My sister's boyfriend is giving me a 6' x 1' x 1.5' = 67 US Gal (I think) = 255L
    which is great!
    But I want to do this right and the best way to keep maintenance on a lower scale. So my questions are:

    Given such a long tank, should I have 1 x 300w heater or 2 heaters to evenly distribute the heat? if 2 then should they be 300w too or can they be less? Stainless steel are fairly good arent' they?

    Same with the filter, should I get 1 or 2 canister filters that manage Mechanical, Chemical and biological care? or is one ok?

    I'll have more questions with this threat, but I have to dash...

    TIA for any help!

    Lauren :)
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    Welcome to FishLore! It's great to have you with us! I think the general rule is 5 watts per gallon on the heaters, so you would need 335 watts to properly heat your tank. It's better to go higher on the wattage than lower, so just round it off to 350 watts. You can buy 1 heater for your tank, but it would be better to have 2. One reason is the one you mentioned about more even heat distribution, and another would be in case one of your heaters went out, the other one could help take up the slack until you got a new one. For your tank, I would get 1 300 watt, and 1 250 watt heater. I'm partial to the titanium or stainless steel heaters, and that's my recommendation. I have broken too many glass heaters by my own stupidity, and one was broken by my oscars. I decided not to risk electrocution anymore in my tanks, and have now replaced all the glass heaters with metal ones, except in my turtle tank, and it's behind some rocks.

    As far as the filters go, there's lots of pros and cons with different types of filters, and everyone has their preference. I love my canister filters because they are not seen behind my tank, they are almost silent, and they have a high gph (gallon per hour rate) I have 2 Rena filstar XP filters, and would buy another one tomorrow. I also love sponge filters and have them in almost all of my tanks. They are cheap, safe for fry, and easy to clean. I think a lot will depend on what type of fish you plan to have in your tank, and how large of a bio load you will have. Give us some more info. on what you think you might like to do with your tank, and we can go from there. ;)
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    Welcome to FishLore!!!!
    I agree with Gunnie on the wattage and number of heaters and for the same reasons ;D I use stainless steel heaters.
    But I prefer the HOB(hang on back) filters because to me they are easier to clean. I would have 2 filters on that size tank. We could go back and forth over filters, I think preferences are divided down the middle one is not necessarily better than the other.
    Do your research and then make a decision. Most are rated by GPH(gallons circulated per hour).When purchasing your filters you want to figure 10GPH per Gal of water in your tank. EXP: 65gal.x10GPH= 650GPH. so you need a filter that has 650gph or two that equals 650GPH
    Hope that helps.
  4. OP

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    Gunnie, Carol, et all
    Thank you for your warm welcomes!

    Ok. I would like to aim for a community tank with maybe guppies, sailfin mollies, angels and leopard corydoras. Actually I'm still deciding among a few, maybe you could help with that too. I've read many fish profiles made some decisions and then read some more that contradicted with what I read and now I'm confused!
    I understand the 2-3" of adult fish size per Gal, I will calculate and narrow down the selection after I find out some more about their compatibilities.

    I have narrowed the list down to:
    Angel fish
    Dwarf Gourami
    White Clouds
    Tetra - neon?
    Brislenose catfish
    sailfin molly
    silver dollar
    leopard corydoras
    zebra pleco (would be COOL, but I understand they're expensive and hard to come by now in Australia...)
    dwarf neon rainbow
    ...the list could go on, I'm like a kid in a candy store  ;D

    Can you tell me if any of those shouldn't be mixed? or if I can get away with maybe having x amount of this fish to tolerate or combat y amount of the other type of fish behaviour. I.e. Angles vs Tetra (sorry do you understand what I mean?)

    I used this site to have a look at most of them and the page below. This list is supposed to be the compatible list for Guppies, but there is a disclaimer at the top of the page.

    I like greenery too... am I being too ambitious for a newbie?? :) I'd like to have some live plants etc.

    SO, regarding my (canister) filter choice, should I go with 2x400 GPH? Does that sound right? If I get the next model down it will only be 2x315 GPH...and that wouldn't be enough.
    Then the heaters, I spoke with a girl in the pet shop and she suggested maybe 3 heaters for that length tank. Is that overkill? I live in an area where it gets chilly in Winter, but not frosty and definitely no snow...

    What else do I need? Water test kit, gravel, gravel cleaner, net, water conditioner, lights, plant life,

    Aquarium vaccuum, is that a gravel cleaner?

    I think that's enough for now!
    Thank you so much for all your help!!

  5. Butterfly

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    Good Morning!!! First look at the adult size of your fish when you decide how many of what you want. Guppys and Mollies are compatable and a good mix of those would be pretty. They are also live bearers, the angels or Gouramis either one would think the fry are great snacks. If thats ok then go for it. The angels and gouramis will most likely be very aggressive with each other. so one or the other would be best. And everybody loves corys so those are good. Since they like buddies need 3-6 of those. The more the better.
    White clouds prefer cooler water than the normal community tank. I have 6 in an unheated tank and their colors are gorgeous. I have 3 in a 75 G community tank and they are ok but nothing special. the only reason their still in there is I can't catch them LOL
    Bristlenose are great tank cleaners and get about 5 inches and they don't bother anybody.
    Rainbows and silver dollars need alot of room to swim. And they are plant eaters.
    Unless the neons are big and put in first the angels will think you are providing them with live food as this is their natural food in the wild. i do have 2 different kind of neons in with my angels but the were a bigger species and put in the tank about a week before the angels.
    Now let me dream a little, this is what I envision ;)
    2 Angels, 1 male guppys-3 females, 1 male sailfin mollys-3 females, 10-15 larger neons as in Serpae, black neons, green neons. then 6 of what ever kind of coryadoras and 1 bristlenose.
    As for the heaters 3 might be over kill but you know your weather and your room temps better. I personally would use 2.
    Plants!! I love plants and have tehm in all my tanks. here is an excellent website for plants. Hope that helped :D