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    Last year, I started a setup on my 120 gal. I had about 100 lbs of dried sand and about 120 lbs of dried rocked from macro rocks.

    I used dr Tim one and only and fed the aquarium a bit of Ammonia to keep the fish alive. The tank crash and the nitrate was off the scale for almost two months before I decided to take down the tank. Now after almost six months (I moved into a house) I'm setting up my tank again.

    This time, I'm taking more caution on the nitrates and have increases my sand bed from 3-4" to a 5-6", have added a second BRS bio pellet canister and have had the rocks and sand on the tank through running water and the skimmer on for two months.

    Two days ago, i added salt and I took a small piece of raw salmon and dumped it on the rock. I will move it to the sand soon.

    I was told that I should take off the rock after I aquascapped it and rinse them off with a power washer before starting the cycle again. When I started the cycle last year I didn't have any fish on it. It was just the dr Tim one and only bacteria added.

    What do you suggest?

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