New Set Up For Blood Parrots


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Hi All! Spent a couple hours today rearranging my 65 gallon in preparation for Blood Parrots which I hope to get this week. I got rid of a lot of really tall plants, and put in some terra cotta pots. I couldn't find the size I wanted, there was either really small, or this size, no in between. I'm guessing these will work, at least the fish can grow into them. I left plenty of swimming room at the top, and added a second piece of driftwood on top of the one already in the tank. I will be keeping my Bristlenose Pleco and my Bronze Cories, wanted to keep their favorite hiding spot the same as it was. I've already moved most of my other fish into another tank, the Angel and the Guppies will go back to the LFS when I get ready to move my Parrots in. The water is still pretty cloudy, but it's clearing up well. Just would like you thoughts on my new set up, anything you'd recommend I do differently?

Tank 2.jpg
tank 3.jpg

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