New set up after many years

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    This is my small marine set up. It is a Hagen Elite Style 35L fish tank. I love the style of them, but prefer the 60L 2ft tanks. I decided to set this up as a marine when I got in my lfs which only does marine fish. I asked how much it would cost to set it up. He gave me a price and I paid and he set it up. lol. Waters are good and clear. Parameters are perfect and fish go in next week some time. There are two clown fish, two hermit crabs and one cleaner shrimp going in. Tomorrow, I will be putting 10 small anemone frags in. I will also be putting in a small people eater and a 3 polyp frag in there tomorrow. I am thinking of only having 3 fish all together as the tank is not that big. I had two marine tanks about 5 years ago, as well as freshwater tropical tanks.
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    Welcome to Fishlore :)
    It's looking good, look forward to seeing it progress