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Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Builds' started by Ernest Sacco, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Ernest SaccoWell Known MemberMember

    So the seahorses arrived last Wednesday while I was at school so I had to drive home that day just to acclimate them...I had also ordered a rusty gorgonian and purple sea wip frag to help fill out there tank....I spent that night closely monitoring them as I had read all about how sensitive they are....but that night they readily accepted the frozen mysis I offered them which was a good sign...that following day the larger of the two was troubling me as it refused to move from one spot while the little one was all over the place (bought them as a mated pair)....the larger one was eating but wouldn't let go of his holding spot instead just extending as far as he could....the little one chased the floating mysis down....the weekend passed nicely and as of Sunday they look like this
    They are tiger tail seahorses and they've already colored up nicely since getting them....the first day the big one was grey while the small one was white....they are a very fascinating couple with the little one liking to wrap its tail around the larger's head....the other inhabitant is a filefish who has been very nice to the two seahorses even swimming along side them....the filefish has behaved himself with the gorgonian but he nearly demolished my two remaining rock flowers in that tank biting off most of their this point I had to remove the flowers which was extremely difficult as they were both attached to the bottom glass...I may have torn ones foot but it was either leave them to die slowly or get them of now they are both attached to the side glass in the 60

    Finally somehow the filefish has developed a case of fin rot somehow....he showed no signs of it in the lfs and they had had him over 2 months....his side fins are roughly half of their original size....I am concerned for him but the seahorses show no signs of any stress or fin damage....I want to medicate but I am afraid to add anything that may destabilize the tank....I am stuck....the filefish is still eating and i may just keep adding prime and he'll recover on his own....if it gets worse I may need to take greater action
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    I think you're right about skipping the meds... I have no idea if any meds are even save for seahorses.

    So, to help the filefish, I'd offer a very healthy and full diet. Meaning, I'd feed him twice a day, varied foods for a complete diet, and is soak the foods in a fishy vitamin like Selcon.

    I realized this is a tough comparison but here goes... We wanted a betta but I was scared because there are so many reports of sick fish, particularly with the fancier guys and fun rot. I did a lot of reading and found that some betta keepers swear that a varied diet that includes vitamins will keep those fins, and the fish, very healthy. Sooo, I got a beautiful little guy, feed him about 5 different foods each week, and his breakfast is always a dry food that's been soaked in a few drops of VitaChem. Hmm, I also keep his tank clean and offer him creature comforts, so who's to say that his diet is to thank for his health? All I know is that those lovely fins have been the picture of health for about a year now.:)

    Selcon is also praised among aquarists. :) Many say that the product is why they've been able to keep finicky fish, and/or those types of fish that are not known for long-term health, like tangs. The praise I've seen for fishy vitamins are reason enough for me to use them and I've been very happy with the 'results'... Again, impossible to say that the vitamins alone are to thank for healthy fish but it sure doesn't hurt. After all, aren't we healthier with a healthy diet?;)

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