New Schooling Fish For 65 Gallon Tank Question

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Gavin Trzcinski, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Hello everyone, I was wondering what other fish I could add my 65 gallon tank? The dimensions are 36in x 18in x 24in (LxWxH). I currently have Black Skirt tetras, but they blend in with my decor because I don't have any plants. I am looking for a larger schooling fish with a lot of color that won't overcrowd my tank.
    Here is my current stocking in the tank:
    6 black skirt tetras (replacing with new schooling fish if bioload will be too much to keep both schools)
    2 gold gouramis
    1 Electric Blue Acara
    2 Uaru
    1 Flag Tail Pleco (l-91)
    Here is a picture of the tank:
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    Hemmigrammus pulcher
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    Due to the adult size of the uarus and the EBA, I would avoid little ones like cardinals and rummys. Your current fish are why I was suggesting larger more wider bodied schoolers in my post.
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    I’ve been looking at schooling fish for a while and realized that 99% of the tetras that I can find easily are too small. I think I want to go for rainbows. What kind would you recommend and how many should I get for a small school?
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    Highly second the lemom tetra! Or rosy, red phantoms or kitty tetras (candy cane tetras!)

    Could add to the current school of black skirts, and get white skirts... or glofish ;)
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    A nice size school (10) of Serpae or congo tetras will have a very nice color for your tank and should be able to hold their own aagainst your current stock. Great looking tank!!
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    I have an EBA and severum. Have experimented with buenas aires tetras, columbian tetras and giant danios. The columbians stay together and are pretty quiet, the BA’s and danios sometimes mix, are very active and everyone is happy. Prob like the GDs best cuz they are so playful. Considering trying diamond tetras next, I really like their look.