New saltwater tank FOWLR - just looking for tips and saying hi Question

  1. Sparks82

    Sparks82 New Member Member

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to say hello and run my new setup by you all.

    I have a 37 gallon tank (I know the 55 is better but I have a bit of a space issue). I have been cycling it for about two weeks with close to 30 lbs of live rock and live sand (I did use Bio-Spira as well). I'm also running a Fluval U3 and a couple power heads at each end to keep the water moving. My AquaC Remora should be here in a couple of days.

    Do you all think this will eventually be ok for a hermit crab, two fish (clown and ..?), a turbo snail, and maybe a shrimp? Not looking to have a packed population.

    Thanks all and great forum!
  2. c

    chuckb330 New Member Member

    That should be fine for a stocking list. Do you plan to add corals at some time? If you do I would hold off on the hermit crab. Mine loves to mess with my corals. Make sure you check the water and make sure everything is in check.
    Good luck, and welcome to fishlore

  3. OP

    Sparks82 New Member Member

    Thanks Chuck.

    No plans for corals. I want to get a lot more experience before even thinking about trying to deal with them.

    It is so tempting as they make the tank beautiful.