New red gourami has clear poop and cant move tail


Hi everyone, just want to take a second thank anyone who clicked on this thread to read, really appreciate it.

So a little over a week ago I bought what were labeled as “red honey gouramis” from an LFS, that I later discovered were mislabeled thick-lipped gouramis. They told me the fish were in the store for over a month and they looked and behaved healthy, so I decided to do a quick quarantine (1.5 weeks) instead of my regular month if everything seemed well, and it did. I did 2 rounds of prazipro as I always deworm new fish, but I didn’t wait a week in-between like I usually do which was probably a mistake.

I think I missed something because I noticed yesterday my female red gourami was making clear stringy poop, with normal poop in between. Hoped it was a one off, but then it happened again today. Noticed it as she also refused to eat, which I don’t think she’s done before (I may be wrong though). I was feeding bloodworms through a turkey blaster so there is the possibility that she was just scared/confused by it as she is quite shy.

I then started observing her closely and noticed that she couldn’t use her tail to swim, she only used her side fins to propel herself, which makes her look like she’s waddling a bit sometimes and gives her a jerky swimming motion (like she’s pushing herself). She swims by using her fins and waving her body, just doesn’t use her tail at all (unlike the other gouramis I got, that use their tails as propellers when they swim). No bouyancy issues. I did notice even in the QT that her tail fin never opened up like the others, it kinda looked perpetually ever so slightly clamped. Thought it was a stress thing but it still persists, even when the rest of her fins look normal. She’s always been the palest and shyest of the bunch but the behavior never has been obvious.

I am going to move her back to the QT for observation and I want to treat for whatever she has. Any ideas what could be wrong with her? I’m thinking of doing an extra round of prazipro in case I didn’t catch all the worms, but I’m stumped at the tail thing. No clue what that is about. Could it be an infection? Birth defect? I’m worried she could pass something along to the other fish.

Everyone else seems normal and healthy. No one else is exhibiting these behaviors.

Mandatory info: 29 gal heavily planted tank, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 30 nitrate. Cycled many months ago. Running 2 filters.
QT is a 13 gallon clear storage tote with a cycled sponge filter.


I know our members are amazing but even they can’t diagnose a problem without at least a little bit of information to go on, filling in as much of this as you can would help
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Hi sorry! This site is NOT mobile friendly, I accidentally clicked post as I was typing and I couldn’t figure out a way to delete the post. It’s edited now with all the info. Thanks for hopping on so quick.

EDIT: Ugh! Can’t edit the title either! It’s supposed to say “and can’t move tail”.


Thank you, I’ve edited the title for you :)


She’s hard to film but finally caught a quick video of her swimming:

As you can see, she swims exclusively with her side fins and by wiggling her body if she wants to go faster, but never with her tail. Her tail also is stuck in a half clamped position. Does she look ill or is just injured?
I also want to give feeding another shot today before deciding to move her back to the QT tank in case I’m causing her more harm than good by the stress of moving.

UPDATE: I just fed exclusively floating foods to see if she would have a go at it and after chasing her a bit to put food in front of her to see, even though it took a while to get her interested- she was! She started eating like a little pig. She got a bit more energetic too so that was nice. Now we wait to see if her poop still looks clear.


Bump? Anyone know what’s going on?

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