New Rams In Quarantine - Still Hiding, I Am I Doing Something Wrong? Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Quarantine' started by TheWanderingFish, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    I came back from the LPS with two german blue rams 2 days ago and would like some assistance.

    They are in a quarantine tub that is holding 55L of conditioned water (Prime) with filter media from my main tank that I put it 1-2 hours before the fish went in. The tank/water had been in there running with an empty filter for a few days.

    The two fish whilst I have seen one in the open when no one is in the room, as soon as you walk past the door or, like I am now sat in the room, they are just constantly hiding. I am worried there is something I am not doing (for Rams as they are my first) that is making them constantly stressed.

    I know they are new just still getting used to it though I just want to make sure.... well! Strike that they are calling me a liar! I just looked up and there one is out venturing out! Though the other is still sit in the hole in the rock hiding.

    Well just to make sure as I dont want to screw this up... I was planning on having them in quarantine for 1 -2 weeks. I cant go above 4 as the tank needs to be taking down due to very young kids that will be in the room to sleep then.

    They have two pots littered about and a rock they can hide behind, heater.

    They havent eaten yet though I did drop a tiny bit of dried frozen bloodworm and a few pieces of fish food in.

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  2. TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    You know you are over worrying when you are sat on the sofa with a pair of binos so you can see the fish closer up without having to get up to scare them away again...

  3. CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    Haha now that really did make me laugh out loud!
    Oh dear you really do have a bad case of aquaristitus :D

  4. TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    I am just a worried new mum :p

    If I didnt have self control I would of bought them there own private tank by now (I was so close yesterday).

    One has ventured out, I put the light on and they are hiding still.. just worried that one is still hiding all the time. I was hoping to try sex them to makes sure I have one of each. I am wondering if they would be more comfortable just straight in the main community tank as they havent eaten for coming up 3 days.

    Edit: 3 mins after this post the second one swam out abit.. ok I am feeling a bit more relieved now :)

  5. TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    I decided to do some test checking the temp, heater was running at 26 but therm was at 25 so I turned that up a bit. Water checks had Ammo = 0, nitrites=0, nitrates = 40. So I did took out about 15L and added some more Prime, which should help with the nitrates.

    Will see if that improves things a bit.

    I can see the usual curious fish is making short sojourns out so going well so far!

    I think if it keeps going like this, I will only have them in there for a week or so as I really think they would be less stressed in the community tank.

    Once they come out when people get close i can see what sex they are.
  6. coralbanditWell Known MemberMember

    Make sure they are kept warm .
    Rams prefer 80f + as a minimum .
    Lower temps often have bad effects on them .
  7. TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    I know though the tank they are going into is at 26 and that is the lowest the other fish will tolerate.. I blame bad info on the internet lol I read they can be in 26-30 so
  8. upinakValued MemberMember

    Try just turning off the lights for a while. It is kinda bright in there. I have noticed adding fish at the end of the day right before the lights go out helps tremendously!
  9. TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    I was having similar thoughts myself!

    I didnt put the lights on for the first day and I turned the light strip upside to diminish it further. I am just worried the QT is causing more stress than is good for them.
  10. PheonixKingZWell Known MemberMember

    Lighting up a tank, with new fish in it, is really not a good idea in the first 1-2 days. It stresses the fish out more!!:)
  11. TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    One ventures out when no one is around or has been still in the room for a while and the other just hides most of the time.

    I do have a towel over the top of the box so its not see through. One is still very pale.
  12. TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    These fish have been in quarantine 6 days now and i am worried about the stress of that tank isnt going away. SHould I just put them in the community. Its has lots of plants and other fish that might calm them.

    Ok I put them in the main tank, I think keeping them in there will kill them from stress. They were in there for 6 days in total.

    None of the LFS water went into the quarantine and none of the quarantine water went into the main tank so hopefully that might have helped :/

    Wouldnt mind some help for confirming sex when they come out :)

    UPDATE: They have been in the main tank for 15 mins and what appears to be the female short top dorsal rays and pink tummy, is swimming around! When I put my nose to the glass (light outs) she swam over to me. The other is MIA so far.

    UPDATE They are both out and about! They have started their 'behaviours' probably territorial but that good as they werent before! Also, where did those colours come from :0
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  13. TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    YEAHY! They are hanging around the front of the tank! Makes me glad I put them in. The one at the back seems to be a male the one at the front.. seems female for now...

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