New Rainbowfish, White Around Mouth.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Lissymarks, Jun 21, 2019.

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    Hello! I am on mobile at work so I can’t copy and paste the form, but I have a cycled 75g, all parameters stable, planted tank. It houses a school of 12 silver tip tetras, a longfin albino bristlenose, a mystery snail, some pond snails in various stages of life. Fish are fed twice daily with a fasting day. Feeding new life spectrum flakes, frozen blood worms once weekly, hikari algae wafers. Roughly 30% water change once weekly. Ecocomplete substrate. Healthy tank overall.

    Yesterday my husband and I added two millennium red rainbow fish. We floated to acclimate, added our water to the aquarium water in the bag in intervals before placing them. Strained them carefully out of the aquarium water and placed in our tank. Lights out to make sure they weren’t stressed more than necessary.

    This evening when I woke up for work, the fish were all zooming around, enjoying themselves. Then I noticed white around the female’s mouth that I’m certain wasn’t there yesterday. There may also be small spots on the male’s body. It’s hard to tell and they won’t hold still naturally. I have Ick X and maracyn and erythromycin and aquarium salt on hand, but I’m not sure if it’s Ick or columnaris or...?
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    Looks like mouth rot to me
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    Thanks! I decided to treat for gram negative bacteria and if there’s no improvement after a five day course, I’ll treat for fungus. Obviously, I’ll keep an eye out for new spots. The male also developed the white mouth, so I’m treating the tank. *fingers crossed* They’re still eating, and zooming around the tank, and so far none of the other fish are affected. I did take the carbon pad out of the filter (Fluval FX4) Hopefully they pull through. The male is getting some color and coming to the front of the tank, curious. Seems like an awesome dude, so I do hope they make it.
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    I dont see ick, and it doesn't look like a fungus. I would monitor it closely, preferably in a hospital or at tank. If it spreads, come back. It will be easier to get good pics in a hospital tank. You can make one from anything, a bucket, a bin, etc. This will also decrease the cost of treatment.

    If it looks cotton like, it's likely fungus. The easiest way to know for sure is to treat for one and adjust temperature accordingly. Warmer temps hurt columnaris, but help fungus.

    At this point, isolate and keep the water clean as possible, while closely monitoring. If it gets worse, then figure out a treatment. Otherwise, I think it lost a lip lock fight or ran into something.
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    This is completely normal for rainbows and requires no treatment other than clean water and time. Rainbows are rather dumb and bump into things which leads to this. It often happens when they are new to a tank.