New Quarantine Tank Questions

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    I have a 60 gallon tank of mostly livebearers and tetras to which I added a new angelfish (which shame on me, I did not quarantine). Long story short, the angelfish never ate well and started to decline quickly after a few days. It is now doing very poorly and most likely will not make it through the night. While the angelfish never had visible signs of ich, I suspect it has it as now several of my other fish have some spots. I think I have caught it early enough as most of the fish are spot free and even the infected ones and very active and eating well. I started treating the tank last night with Super Ick Cure at half dose as I have a clown pleco.

    If the angelfish does not make it, I would like to replace it after things have calmed down. I would like to setup my old 20G high as a quarantine tank so it will be ready when the time is right. Since I am treating the main tank with medication, taking filter media from the main tank and putting it in the quarantine is not an option. I do have some Tetra Safe Start and was wondering if I could use that to get things going. If I do use Safe Start, do I need to add something additional to help get the tank established or will that be enough? Also, how many weeks would you recommend waiting before adding fish to the main tank (once the ick appears to be gone)? If I could have a new fish starting quarantine while I am at the end of waiting period for the main tank that would be ideal. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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    I have done a fish-in cycle nearly from scratch (I put cycled media in but the BB were overwhelmed by the bioload I started with and I think they died off) with a sick angelfish and he pulled through with flying colours! He wasn't well to begin with and I didn't think he was going to make it even if my water was pristine but I did at least 50% water change per day with Prime and he not only survived, he healed while the cycle was establishing itself!

    So if you have to, it is possible. He's a big boy but I used a 25 gallon tank filled not quite all the way, so essentially I used a 20 gallon tank like you're planning to. I went with a bare bottom setup for ease of cleaning (I vac'd every day) and added a few floating plants to help out. Ran two sponge filters on it, one large and one small. He had enough room to exercise and doesn't seem overly crowded in there. I'd say he's just about 100% healed by now but I'm afraid I treat him with kid gloves after what he's been through:)