New project

  1. Mrscottio Member Member

    So I just got my self a cheap tank off gumtree but I'm not sure what to do so anyone got any ideas is a 200l corner pentagon tank
  2. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Amazon biotope? Do it up with sand and some big bogwood roots. Lots of plants. A herd of cories and loads of tetras, maybe a pair of angelfish.

    All that depth. Bottom dwellers would love it.

    Whatever you decids, enjoy!

  3. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    Add water. . I like small schoolers.
  4. Mrscottio Member Member

    Thank you really like that idea just got the sand today so will start setting it up tomorrow

  5. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    I'm jealous. I've got a bad case of upgrade fever, but this isn't really the best time for it. Enjoy that lovely tank!
  6. Mrscottio Member Member

    Sand in filter up and running added old media from old tank
  7. KingD Well Known Member Member

    That is a gorgeous tank. Im so jealous!

  8. Mrscottio Member Member

    So stocking ideas so far I already have 3 angles in another tank to go in along with 2 blue Rams and 1 electric blue ram, going to get some cardinal tetras but not sure what else
  9. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    Three is never a good number for angels. I would either rehome one, or get a fourth. But that would be getting a bit crowded.

    Do you have any bottom dwellers? I would suggest a shoal of cories. And maybe a BN pleco :)
  10. Mrscottio Member Member

    I just lost one of my angels so might leave one in my old tank have been looking at cories but will they get on with my rams ?

  11. shusband Well Known Member Member

    Cories and Rams get along fine. The occasional chase but nothing the cories can easily escape (as in move a few inches away).
  12. Mrscottio Member Member

    Some plants and some wood added also some root tabs to get things going
  13. Mrscottio Member Member

    Tank progressing nicely [​IMG][​IMG]
  14. Mrscottio Member Member

    Update on my South American bio
    Slowly moving mollies, guppies and dwarf gourami's to new tank
    Fish so far for biotope are angles, blue Rams, cardinals and black tetras
  15. DrSahl Member Member

    Looks great so far.
  16. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Lovely tank!
  17. KingD Well Known Member Member

    Wow! Your tank is looking really nice
  18. CROWNTAILBETTA Well Known Member Member

    Gorgeous tank! :drool:
  19. Mrscottio Member Member

    Thanks guys x
  20. Mrscottio Member Member