New ponds

  1. Jnx Member Member

    Okay, here's one of my new guys, bottom right, top view, in his new pond.
    I've never tried this type of set-up before (and still have improvements to make).
    Keeping my fingers crossed!
  2. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    What a beautiful pond! All the plants and the moss makes it look like a mini slice of nature Is that a Betta fish in there? (I can't tell ) if it is, just be careful as they usually can jump out of ponds and tanks filled to the top. I remember seeing a video where they build a three tier pond type tank thingy and the Betta was jumping up and down all three layers! I'll try find the link ^_^
  3. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

  4. Jnx Member Member

    Yes, it is a betta. I've just put him in there, and he seems pretty overwhelmed.
    I do have an impromptu screen to put on tonight; I had a female years ago who taught me about jumping. Fortunately, I found her in time.
  5. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Thank the moon you found her in time! I've always wanted to keep Betta but I have no room and the biggest tank my parents will let me get now is a 2G In my future home/apartment/wherever I end up living after LC I'd love to have an indoor pond! That is literally the coolest thing I've ever seen like I have never seen this done before either! I'd love to see the progression of this project so please keep this topic updated! Happy keeping!
  6. Jnx Member Member

    He's a confident guy! And that set-up! Envyyyyyyy!
  7. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    whoa!! What a pretty color! I don't think I've seen such a lush green Betta in any of my local stores
  8. Jnx Member Member

    He's not actually that colour (sadly; I love green...). He's more of a turquoise/phthalo blue. My tablet is behind its time.
  9. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Dang! That makes more sense. That would be such a beautiful color. I don't think green bettas are too common though