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Discussion in 'Ponds' started by ldbrown3138, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    Well the weather has finally warmed and the pond construction which started last October with the draining of the old pond can now resume. The old pond was dug out and enlarged last Oct, the new 60 mil liner installed and the retaining wall was built before the weather forced us to stop. This week the large rocks have been collected from the old quarry on the farm, and the contractor has started shaping the waterfall and stream.
    Picture 1 - Rocks from farm. Some of these are huge!

    The pond will be about 7000 gallons when complete. It will feature a waterfall filter and skimmer intake. I will have 2 pumps, the waterfall pump will move about 5500 GPH.
    Picture 2 - Pond as of 4/1/2010

    I have some photos in my member gallery and will attempt to link them here. I will keep you updated as the pond progresses.
    Picture 3 - Temporary fish pond, it works and I may use it for special breeding projects this summer.

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  2. Red1313Fishlore VIPMember

    I love the temp pond!
    Will have to keep that in mind for when I have a yard again! :p

  3. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    It's going to be beautiful LDBrown!
    Thanks for sharing the photos! Please keep us updated :)

  4. TanaValued MemberMember

    Good like progress is being made. What are the dimensions of the new pond?
  5. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    More construction photos are attached. We got quite a bit done on Friday morning. I stayed with the contractors until lunch time to make sure that the rocks were being placed according to plan. The vertical rock placed on Thursday was a little taller than originally planned.


    We had rain Saturday morning so everything is now covered up. The weather for the coming week is a mixed bag. Hopefully there will be some more progress. The fish in the temporary pool are now picketing for a new home!
  6. navyscubaWell Known MemberMember

    Looks like is going to be an awesome pond. :;th
  7. TedsTankWell Known MemberMember

    Those temp ponds are excellent to raise baby Koi and stuff in!!! I did it for 2 years....problem I had was with the culling and then getting rid of the best keepers. Actually the culling didn't bother me that much but I had to regularly get rid of the Walmart looking Koi. Lot of work.

    There are always some wild looking ugly ones but I want to keep the ones with top colors etc...mine are imported and were too expensive to let them revert!.

    Every fall and spring I end with with a few nice extras....anyone want to pick them up you can have
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  8. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    To answer Tana's question about pond size it is roughly 20 X 18 with a max depth of 40 inches and a plant shelf depth of 18 inches. It will hold roughly 7000 gallons. The waterfall filter is about 4 foot above the surface of the pond and will cascade over 3 falls.

    We will have a patio built around one side and end of the pond and will be updating the back porch which overlooks the pond.

    I wish Maryland was closer, I'd go get a few nice koi.
  9. TanaValued MemberMember

    I love the stone you have for the coping and waterfall. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for you.
  10. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    The stone is just common limestone. It is well weathered and aged. It came from an old rock quarry on our farm. The quarry has not been operating for at least 60 years as none of the locals remember it in operation.
  11. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    No work this week, the contractor is at Disney World. It's spring break week here in Western KY but I have been assured that I am first on the list come Monday morning. It is really frustrating, the back yard has been torn up all winter, the weather is perfect for planting etc...

    I ordered a new, larger skimmer today. It will handle up to 8000 GPH and can house 2 pumps. I was going to try utilizing my existing skimmers but they can't handle the water flow. My new pump sucks them dry. I'll either sell the small skimmers or keep them for a future, smaller pond project. Maybe a stream............

    I found a local koi farmer, he has lots of color, sizes, etc. The prices are very good as well and his stock looks very healthy.

    That's my update for now, hopefully more pics next week.
  12. TedsTankWell Known MemberMember

    Be sure you get them with the best color designs on the top and upper sides!!! Thats all you ever see in a pond. My neighbor bought some beautiful Koi from a tank display...needless to say they weren't all that attractive. The patterns were all on the sides of the fish!!....amazingly he was able to take them back and exchange!!!...of course none of that matters if you prefer single color Koi like platinum whites, etc.
  13. FurallicahWell Known MemberMember

    I agree with Red, the temp pond is great! I can't wait to see your new pond finished. It looks like its going to be amazing!
  14. Betta WhispererWell Known MemberMember

    Hurry, hurry I can't wait to see it done.
  15. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    I can't wait either but we'll all have to be patient a little while longer. I've been to the garden center 2 times this week looking at plants for landscaping.
  16. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    Work started again today and the remaining boulders have been set. We had to reset a few b/c they didn't get the liner in the right place. This is the builders second pond so his crew is new at this. I stayed with them for 3 hours today and we accomplished much. I'll post pictures later. I've got to get my kids from school and off to soccer practice, etc.. Tuesdays are busy.
  17. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    Here are photos taken yesterday and this morning.
    Photo 1 shows the retaining wall that supports the waterfall, this was done earlier but I hadn't taken a picture yet.
    Photo 2 shows the backhoe moving a boulder. Most of the stones were moved in this manner. The small ones were moved by hand.
    Photo 3 is looking at the left side of the waterfall.
    Photo 4 is an overview of the whole waterfall area. There will be 3 cascades.
    Photo 5 is the watercourse on the right side of the fall. Sorry about the orientation.
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  18. navyscubaWell Known MemberMember

    Looks great can't wait to see the final result.
  19. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    Does anyone know if construction adhesive is pond safe when cured?
  20. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    Photo 1 This is the final cascade into the pond. I hope the moss lives.
    Photo 2 This is a good view of the waterfall filter. I need to do some more work under the lip of the fall, too much black plastic showing. I also need a couple more stones to the left.
    Photo 3 The cascading watercourse does a switchback here. The water is coming from the upper left. It will pool here and then continue fall to right.
    Photo 4 Overview of fall, upper and lower cascades

    I can't wait to start adding plants!!!!!!!!!!

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