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  1. ponitboss

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    I bought two plecos from lfs last week Thursday a d realise I have only been seeing one all the time so I search for the second one an it was under a coconut shell. Yesterday I search for it again an it was in the same spot but it was looking a little smaller than when I first got it. I took it out an put it in a tank by itself an it's not eating an belly look a little sunken. Should I just do regular water changes or should I use some sort of medication? The other one seem fine eating cucumbers, lettuce wafers etc

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  2. OurFirstTimeFishy

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    It could be because they are new but after one week they should be eating, I could be wrong but plecos tend to be aggressive towards other plecos so possibly the bigger one was pushing the smaller one around. Since you put it in a different tank, try and do abit extra water changes, great water fixes almost anything. Also do you feed them during the day or at night when the lights go out. Most plecos prefer the dark, mine chews out like crazy at night when the lights are off.. Try feeding them when the lights go out
  3. OP

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    I feed lettuce or cucumber in day an wafer at night, I take out the uneaten food next day but the pleco in question did not eat any at all an I doubt it was eating when it was in with the other hence y its losing weight. How much of a water change should I do an how often? It's in a 50 gallon tank
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    Generally you should do a water change once a week at least.

    I have a rubber lip that I didn’t see for the first 3 weeks. Than eventually it will come out and feast on the glass. Recently I put a cucumber and it was gone the next day. I’m assuming it ate it but it’s now out of hiding and I see it more.

    Give it time.
  5. OurFirstTimeFishy

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    Hmm if it's not eating and losing weight it sounds something more serious then just a new tank.. I do 50% water changes twice a week. Sometimes that's abit overkill but I'd rather see my fish happy then suffering... if you do 50% weekly then you're fishy will like that. Do you use buckets or do you have a python that attaches to the sink?
  6. OP

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    I use buckets or I just drain it into a well. If I want water for my garden I use buckets
  7. OurFirstTimeFishy

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    How big if a bucket is it? 55 gallons must take forever. I'd suggest doing a bigger water change and seeing if that will help, I'm hoping others will this see and put some more knowledge towards this. I'm new when it comes to the fish world so I'm prob not best to get advice from lol
  8. CHJ

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    When you shop plecos make sure the ones you are buying at the LFS have plump bellies. Some wild caught never eat again after being captured.
    It is also possible that it was eating but was out competed until it was starving (If belly is sunken). I tried to save a free pleco from the LFS that was on its back (It had been out competed in its several thousand gallon pond by koi and red tail cats). I didn't have the tube to force feed and it was dead by dawn. Some fish that are starving for long enough will not go back to eating on their own even when they have food.