New Platy/swordtail Fry

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Monk, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. MonkNew MemberMember

    So my female platy has given birth, whohoo. After worrying that nothing would be born due to too many bigger fish maybe stressing out the guppy’s and platy, my two guppy’s are heavily pregnant and my platy has had hers.

    I do feel that a lot of the Fry were eaten by the dwarf gourami, rams or the angelfish. I checked the tank first thing this morning and was able to scoop two visible Fry into the breeder box on the inside of the tank. I will have a further look after work today, but it has become a fantastic day for me and my fish :)

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  2. LonnieValued MemberMember

    Congratulations on new fry.
  3. MonkNew MemberMember

    Thank you :)
  4. yinoma2001Valued MemberMember

    Congrats. I have too many fry and would be more than happy to give them to you. Can I email them?
  5. MonkNew MemberMember

    Haha make sure they are water zipped files and there shouldn’t be an issue