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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Buganjimo, Apr 23, 2017.

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    So i have this betta (Neo) that i have just struggled with. When i got him i didn't know about cycling, now his tank is cycled. He had inflamed gills, but thats gone. He still has gill problems but i put Indian almond leaves in his tank and now he is fine. But one thing I can't seem to fix is his very VERY delicate fins. (He is a veil tail) I had all silk plants with no sharp objects to be seen anywhere, but he still rips his fins! Ik it's not biting because it is BIG rips at a time. So before i just dosed his tank with aquarium salt, slowly adding and slowly taking it out. But i just got like plants (java fern and anubias congensis) and idk what i should do!! I read that it is bad to have salt with plants. What should i do now??
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    The plants will be fine in a low salinity environment. The amount of salt needed to harm those plants would hurt your betta long before the plants had noticeable damage.

    Go ahead and add the plants and if you get a little melt on them that is natural as they are acclimating to your tank. After a week or two the melting if any should stop.

    Best of luck!
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    Ok thanks! I was so worried. I want the plants to thrive but I would've ratherd my bettas health. Good to know i can have both!
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    Do you have a filter or heater in the tank? Is it possible he's injuring himself on those? Alternatively, what kind of substrate are you using?