New Planted Tanks! (community Tank Advice?)

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by sarabearasaurus, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. sarabearasaurus

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    So today I upgraded my plasticy divided 10 gallon! My first planted tanks!

    Potatoes got his own 5.5 gallon with his snail! Its got anubis, java fern, and dwarf lily in it with x-mas tree moss trees. Going to add water lettuce soon.

    Molasses is hanging out in the upgraded 10 gallon with her snail as well till the parameters let me add more fish. It has banana lily, dwarf lily, anubis (3 types) and java fern. Going to add water lettuce as well.

    SO my question is what fish would you suggest adding to this 10 gal with my female betta?
    She is fish friendly (not aggressive)

    10 gallon BEFORE pic:
  2. Neptune334

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    I'm sure everyone is very happy with their new tanks! If they don't creep you out, maybe you could add some shrimp with her. A few Nerites will work as well. There are some fish such as neons and harlequin rasboras that could maybe be possible, but many will disagree with this.
  3. OP

    sarabearasaurusNew MemberMember

    I have had shrimp in with her before, so definitely a possibility, she's got a snail in there might add another. I was thinking pygmy corys and rasboras or just one of those, I just can't justify keeping her all by herself in this 10 gallon, she's so tiny in it (you can see her in the pic). Maybe if she was a big male I'd be fine with her alone. Especially since she actually seems to like other fish (or at least tolerate them really well) I had corys for a week at one point and she would just chill with them.
  4. Cycerath

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    white cloud mountain minnows, and zebra danios are ones i've thought about. i'd check out aqadvisor calculator to make sure what ever you end up getting doesn't overstock your tank.

    i'm surprised there isn't a sticky/guide to this type of question yet considering it's asked so frequently for 5-10 gallon tanks.