New pictures 55 Gallon Tank

  1. acolli51 Member Member

    Got some picks of my 55 gal. Please see my video I uploaded as well in the freshwater video section.

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  2. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    Awww, they look so tiny! They're so cute! Thanks for sharing the pics.
  3. acolli51 Member Member

    a few more...

    Here are a few of the female krib in the 20gal

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  4. acolli51 Member Member

    Yeah BB they are tiny, the severum and HRP are only about 1.25"
  5. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    Your female krib is beautiful, too!

    You're really going to enjoy watching the little ones grow up:;hug2
  6. Robin4 Member Member

    Hi acolli51,

    In your first post, where did you find those purple rocks? Those are awesome! Your tanks look great and the rock formations are pretty!

  7. acolli51 Member Member

    I got them from a store called Fintastic. It is a great fish store in the south Charlotte area, near the I-77/485 juntion (704)-525-0049. They had more to choose from than I knew what to do with and I still wish I had limitless funds because they really do have everything you could about ever want there. I get all my fish there as well...

    Oh and thanks for the compliments, I really like my rocks too but I wish my plants would do better:;fru I bought "flourite" substrate made by Seachem and another "fertilized" gravel that I can't remember and I threw away the bag. Anyway, if anyone reads this and has used these products let me know if they do ok. I think nothing works on plants better than good old waste buildup over a couple of months or so... I just started this tank but I was told this substrate would help my plants.
  8. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Acolli. Beautiful tank and fish! Thanks for sharing. :)
  9. stanman Initiate Member

    Hi acolli hows the staff at fintastic? I live in cornelius and am looking for a good LFS. Great tank.
  10. bubblefish Member Member

  11. acolli51 Member Member

    They are great. I must say that some staff are better than others but if I ask a few questions and somebody doesn't know the answer they always get somebody else to help me who knows more about whatever I'm asking. In other words, they seem to care about their customers and the fish they sell. They have also never really steered me wrong, given me bad advice or anything else. All in all I'd say it is the best fish store I've been to and they also have a HUGE selection of everything you could ever need, fish included. I forget his name but one guy with a beard and glasses is the master know it all of the fish world as far as I'm concerned and has helped me numerous times and never given me bad advice. I always consult this forum as well though for good, diverse advice just to make sure.
  12. fishingman001 Well Known Member Member

    nice looking tank. i love the driftwood in the 55 and the rocks in the 20.
  13. kelsangdol Member Member

    Very well planted!
    I love your style on the 2nd tank!
  14. Beeker Well Known Member Member

    The bag you threw away was probably Eco Complete.

    When I was starting with my first planted tank, I read somewhere to spread just a little bit of peat moss over the bottom of the tank and then put Florite over it. My plants have all been doing great from the start. I've gotten multiple blooms on my Anubias, and many floaters from my Tiger Lotus bulbs, although no flowers there. *pout*
    Anyway, that worked very well for me.
  15. vtyou Initiate Member

    I loved how you placed the plants in your 20gal.