New Petco!


Yesterday a new Petco opened up! Normally I would have to drive more than 20 minutes to get to a LFS but this one opened up a lot closer! Everything right now is 20% off! Most places like Petco or Petsmart that I have been to do not have live plants. This has two 25 gallon tanks just for aquarium plants. The other petco only has one saltwater tank. At the new one half of the fish are saltwater!


Sweet! Hopefully the fish there will be maintained properly!

We're actually getting a new Petsmart, it's extremely close to a Petco though.


wish I could get a new petco.. the petco near me is like 30 mins away >


Petco is not real fast to update their older stores. Older one 18 miles away in a city of about 175,000 is less than half the size of the new store in town with a population of 25,000. The new store has the same large plant only tanks (with different snails in plastic fry holders) plus numerous salt water tanks.


My petco doesn't even have saltwater tanks!

Tanks and Plants

My petco here has both fresh and salt water but I will never buy fish from them again! The 3 times I purchased fish from them they died within a week. I put them In a hospital tank with some Paragurad for 3 days and then put them in the correct tank. All I mean all my other fish I purchased from other LFS, I did the same thing and till this day I still have them.
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