New peppered cory died :( Cause of death??

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by lp89, Nov 28, 2012.

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    One of my new peppered cories died last night. I noticed some VERY red patches around his head. At first I thought it was blood. I watched the poor little guy die for about an hour. He would go limp and let the current drag him around the tank, floating and sinking. Just when I thought he was gone he would start swimming again. For the last 5 minutes it was like he was having seizures, and he spazzed around the tank several times. Very sad to watch him suffer for an entire hour..

    I brought him to my LFS and a few employees agreed that it was definitely something internal, some sort of parasite perhaps. You could see a red tint coming through a few areas of his body and from a certain angle it looked like his right eye was red, though not quite as deep red as it looked when he was still alive. They told me these were signs that he had something internal, and not a cut (from decorations or another fish, like I originally thought). They tested my water ( 0/0/0 ) and gave me a credit note for when I'm ready to get a new fish.

    I'm paranoid that the other 3 cories may catch the parasites (if that's what he had). Everyone else seems perfect - no red spots, no weird behavior. I was hoping to get some opinions from people on the forum.
    -Do you think he had a parasite?
    -How likely is it that my other fish will catch it?
    -How long would you wait before thinking all signs were clear to get a new fish?

    Greatly appreciate any information anyone can offer.


    Tank Information:
    29 gallon, lightly planted
    Fish: 1 platy, 3 cories (previously 4 before one died yesterday)

    Nov 19 - set up using media from 10g (3 years old)
    Nov 24 - Parameters: 0/0/5, pH-7.4, hardness:30ppm (Introduced cory#3 and #4)
    Nov 26 - Parameters: 0/0/0, pH-7.4, hardness:30ppm
    Nov 27 - Parameters: 0/0/0, pH-7.4, hardness:30ppm (Tested after the cory died)
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    I am so sorry for your loss of your cory. I have 1 peppered cory that i love very much named cory! I cant be certain but with the red streaks it sounds like it could be bacterial infection. I would do at least a 75% wc right away just in case there is something left behind from the dead cory. I would not trust the test that pet shops do . You need a API MASTER TEST KIT. It will give you the readings of your tank and let you know what your readings are. Test strips are NOT accurate and that is usually what pet stores use. They cant be trusted. You can purchase the test kit on line @ amazon or Kensfish. They are cheaper than petsmart. Are you vacuming the 29? What about your filter media? Have you swished it lately in some tank water that is from your tank? Just use a clean bucket that you use only for your fish. I am just trying to help with what may have caused your fish to die. But honestly, it is the down side of fish keeping. We just cant pin point what happens to them sometimes and i know its frustating and heartbreaking at the same time.Also prime water conditioner is a good conditioner.ou may already have it or have heard of it. I sure hope it all works out for you and your fishies. Good Luck!!!!
  3. OP

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    Thanks for replying fishyluv,
    I'm pretty confident that the readings from this particular store are accurate. I try to avoid the franchises in my area as much as possible, and this store is locally owned with a few very knowledgeable staff members. They use an API Master test kit, no test strips.
    The last 2 times they tested my water they checked nitrates TWICE because of the 0/0/0 readings, which we all find very strange.

    Some people have suggested that since my bio-load is so low for 29g, my plants may be taking care of the nitrates, but I'm hoping to see some nitrate readings soon.

    Thanks for the well wishes, might ave to chalk it up to just one of those things we can't pinpoint, like you said!
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    sorry bout ur loss. I tend to agree it is a bacterial thing. i recomend Maroxy. it's expensive but if it could be fungal or bacterial that stuff works wonders. i am a cory breeder and had peppers at one time too. if u haven,t seen anything on the others yet u r probably ok.
  5. OP

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    everyone still seems fine! I'll probably wait another few days before I get a new cory!

    Thanks :)