New Pea Puffer & Glass Surfing Help

Discussion in 'Puffers' started by Bbbecca, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Bbbecca

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    Hello all - this is my first post. I made this account to ask about pea puffers. This is my first one!

    I got the pea puffer two days ago. He/she is solo in my 5 gal planted tank (dirted - low tech). The tank is cycled, pH is 7.2 and temp is about 78 F. 0/0/0 for ammonia/nitrites/nitrates. And has been glass surfing in one corner of the tank pretty much nonstop since I drip acclimated and added to the tank. Though they’ve eaten quite a large number of pond snails.

    I included a picture of the tank - I would like to think it has enough plants.

    Came from fish store that de-worms. Was also captive bred. Is this behavior normal? If so, when should I start being concerned? Thanks!

  2. richie.p

    richie.pFishlore VIPMember

    Croeso welcome to fishlore give him chance to settle, if it was me I'd go by the 2 gallon rule and put another in with him, others say 10 gal min
  3. Sheldon13

    Sheldon13Valued MemberMember

    I would put a buddy in too. It will help stave off boredom.
  4. PatrickShrimp

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    That tank is sufficiently planted, and a second could fit. It’s more about bioload and line of sight. The glass skimming, at least on the front glass can be a sign of wanting attention or food, but on the back and sides could be boredom and is not uncommon in puffers. Dan hiteshew did a video on how he stopped his figure 8 from surfing, you could watch that. Best of luck.
  5. eustoma01

    eustoma01Valued MemberMember

    Tank is pretty small to keep more than one. Honestly I know people say a 5 gallon is enough for these guys, but I find that they are so inquisitive that they quickly become bored of such a small tank. I am upgrading mine to a 13 gallon and going to add a friend for it. Mine did glass surf when I first got it, but I added more and more plants, including some floating plants, and let the plants grow out as well and it no longer does that, though I do feel really bad for it sometimes because it watches me all the time if I am in the room on the weekends but I have no idea how to stimulate it other than feeding it differently now and then.
  6. richie.p

    richie.pFishlore VIPMember

    As long as you got good filtration and clean water I cant see a problem putting another in, when I setup my peacock cichlid tank I was advised to overstock to stop bullying so whats the difference, I did overstock and have had no problems