new pair of tanks

  1. J

    Jpathak Valued Member Member

    Hello to all the nice people on fishlore,
    just got 2 55 gallon tanks one is reserved as temporary home for my turtles, but confused with other tank what to do? any suggestions for fishes? i am planning for discus or oscar or flower horn , or chiclids or lot more actually very excited and cant figure out my self. any suggestions? and please send me some nice images if any one has a two story aquarium. and still trapped in mts. lol:;hi2:;toast
  2. iRun

    iRun Valued Member Member

    Don't count out rainbows! I had a 75 with Boesmani, Lacustris, Splendida, dwarf Neon.... There are tons of really cool rainbow fish. They are super active, breed like crazy, get along great with everyone (everyone who doesn't mind large active fish that is), and they are tough as nails as far as water requirements.
  3. OP

    Jpathak Valued Member Member

    oh yes that sounds good if they breed like crazy than hey can provide nice food to my turtles on next floor. but surly i will wait for more ideas