New Oto's (Pic!)


Picked up 3 small Oto's last night to help combat some brown algae in a newly cycled tank. Thought I'd share a pic (see if you can find all 3 Oto's in the picture.) They don't have any names, partly because I can't tell them apart.

Immediately after dropping them in, they went to work and haven't stopped. These guys don't seem to care if the lights are on or off. They also don't seem to be scared of their neighbors and I've seen them swim from the glass on one side to the other, right past the guppies and tetra.

I also dropped in a couple algae wafers (which I later learned was uneccessary), but they haven't touched them. The guppies and platy's found them though, and I have to say that they have been a lot more "regular" since, if you know what I mean. (Gonna have to vac the gravel 2-3 times this week instead of once if thise keeps up! )


Oh how cute!! But must admit I only found two


Yep, I found all three and they are darling. I love the little guy resting on the submarine.

They are such darlings and yes they work right along when the food supply is there.

I do know what you mean about the "wafer" regularity. Be thankful, fish do get constipated and it is a very miserable tank when you have them that way.

Happy New Year



Congratulations! I found all 3, and they are so cute!! I got 2 otos on Christmas eve and 1 died the next day. Went to Petsmart last night for a replacement but they were already closed...Going again today, and hopefully will get a friend or 2 for my lone oto...I really like them. The one I have isn't afraid either! My cherry barbs are way more shy than he is!
thanks for th pic!


They're so cute!! Carol--the one you missed was probably the one on the way right of the tank, sitting on a plant about halfway up and partially hidden by the leaves.

The one on the submarine reminds me of my Mist, only a bit bigger.

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