New Otocinclus Catfish!!!

  1. Grumpyfish32 Member Member

    Hey guys! Recently I purchased 4 Otocinclus for my 24 gal nano tank because they looked cute and they would help with my diatom problem. Well it's been a day or two and I can saftly say the had eaten through a lot of it. How can I tell if they are starving because right now they just cling to the walls,glass,and driftwood and stay there for a while. They sometimes even stay on the floor of the tank. But I've heard that they eat zucchini and cucumber so I bought those today. How do I feed them the zucchini I tried this last night I weighed it down with a pebble and left it over night, but it seems like they haven't eaten it. Can someone help me how to blanch and can someone tell me how long does it take to eat the cucumber/zucchini? And final question how can I tell if they are starving? They look full right now, they have big bellies. Sorry for the noob questions everybody these fish just look so cool! Oh and also when I was at my LFS they said that they got these catfish from a local breeder so that's pretty cool! Thanks!
  2. Grumpyfish32 Member Member

    Does anyone know how to feed them by any chance? Thanks!

  3. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Oto's can be a bit slow to realise veggies are food, always put it in the same place & they'll get the message.
    Mine are particularly fond of zucchini, butternut squash & broccoli stalks, they also like the corys pellets as well as algae wafers.
    I don't blanche the veg as it soon softens in the warm tank water but if you want to then a 10-15 seconds in the microwave will do it, don't forget to let it cool before putting it in
  4. Grumpyfish32 Member Member

    thank you so much! Should I place it on the tank floor or should I place it on the glass held by my magnetic glass cleaner? Also how can you tell when they are starving? Thank you so much! And sorry for all the noob questions!

  5. MinhMai Member Member

    You can tell if they're full or starving based on how distended their bellies are. If they're attached to the glass you can see the silvery pouch underneath that is their GI tract so you can tell if it's bulging or sunken.
  6. Grumpyfish32 Member Member

    Ok got it thanks!

    Hey guys! Just a follow up! Placed my zucchini in the tank on the glass do I leave it there overnight then take it off in the morning? And when I place a new in in do I put it on the same location of the glass? Thanks!!!:)
  7. MinhMai Member Member

    I would keep it consistent until they recognize it as food. No need to confuse them.

  8. Grumpyfish32 Member Member

    Ok thank you when I leave it on the glass the zucchini kinda gets crushed should I just leave it on the tank floor or is it all right?

    Update!!! Finally got 1 out of the 4 to eat! I'll post a link to the pic below!
  9. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    Nice oto! glad he's eating...
  10. Grumpyfish32 Member Member

    Hahaha thanks! It seems he only stays there for 30 min. Then leaves to eat algae :)

  11. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    No problem! yeah, mine do the same, although nowadays there isn't any algae for them to eat :(
  12. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Good to hear they've made the connection that zucchini is food, keep up with a regular supply of veg & you'll see them on it within minutes of putting it in :)
  13. Grumpyfish32 Member Member

    Hahaha yup the one that was eating the zucchini was the shyest one out of the 4 as well!

    Yeah they are through all my algae in like 2-3 days