New Oranda

  1. s

    sylvie New Member Member

    Here's my new oranda! I need help naming. I'm thinking Karl, Ruth, or Franz 20180619_215853.jpg
  2. penguin02

    penguin02 Well Known Member Member

    Argh! This just makes me want a goldfish tank even more! Congrats!

    He looks like a Jerry to me. :D
  3. LilBlub

    LilBlub Well Known Member Member

    So cute! He looks a lot like my oranda back when he was a baby... Ah, memories.
    I vote Karl. I don’t know why, I just like it.
  4. boohead

    boohead New Member Member

  5. TheeLadyG

    TheeLadyG Valued Member Member

    I kinda wait for them to name themselves in a way... I ended up naming one of my fish Sun Wukong because she is as hyper as a monkey!! The other is now Copper, for the color she turned as she shed her baby dark color~ But together I call them "the Blubbos" lol
  6. Gup1er8a81e5

    Gup1er8a81e5 New Member Member