New Oranda, Fungus treatment? Questions...

  1. Caligo'sKeeper Member Member

    UPDATE: Frustrated! Advice?


    My new oranda that I got a few days ago seems to have a little white film/spot on her cap/wen. I guess it's a fungus... what's the best treatment? and should I treat the whole tank? (it's her and a moor in the tank, got them together but the moor looks fine... Oranda seems healthy otherwise, but should I treat it and with what? Do tank buddies fungus clear tabs work? Thanks! can sorta see it in this pic:
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    I would let them settle for a while longer and watch them...they are so new to the tank, assuming its fungus right away, might just be a bump or something that simple...a week of a good clean tank, some extra stress coat+ and a good diet (add some fresh garlic juice to their foods) might do wonders....using meds can almost certainly kill your cycle and no need to medicate without knowing exactly whats wrong....check out your water parimeters for a couple weeks also..when you add fish with such a huge bioload, you want to make sure the established bacteria colony keeps up ...

  3. Caligo'sKeeper Member Member

    Good point, Shawnie. I hate to jump into medicating, I'll try those things perhaps once they adjust it will get better naturally. They seem happy anyway, nice and active and definitely enjoying the peas!
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    Pic Added~ How do I treat this? Help!


    I need some help, I posted a few days ago about my new oranda possibly having fungus, well this A.M. when I went to feed the fish I noticed she has a big white patch on the fishes bottom and underside of tail fin that looks like it's peeling! What do you think it is? What can I do? Please help, thanks in advance!
  6. Jackie Frost Member Member

    My fish have white patches too, though none of them are peeling. Does the Oranda's scales look bleached?

    In my case I think it's due to the tank cycling. I'm not sure what your situation is though.:;dk
  7. Caligo'sKeeper Member Member

    No, the scales look fine, it looks like the fish has a coating of film on it that is peeling off. I checked the water perimeters look ok. no Ammonia, No Nitrite, <20 Nitrate, PH of 6.8. I've had the fish since 12/23, but my tank has been running for 3 years with only about a week or so of being empty, i gravel vacced and checked the water before adding the fish, but I didn't touch the biofilters so my ecology in there I'm guessing should still be stable. I'm guessing its a fungus? Not sure the best course of treatment.

  8. Jackie Frost Member Member

    Well here's a webpage that another fishlore member sent to me that has graphic pictures of all sorts of fish diseases ( Be sure to have a strong stomach. The photos are very graphic! Maybe it can help you identify the fungus? Sorry I can't help you more but I am a newbie at fish keeping. Hopefully some of the other members (like the goldfish expert but quite elusive Gremlin:;nin2) will respond to your thread soon.
  9. agabr123 Fishlore VIP Member

    a picture would be very helpful if you can get one, it will give the members a better idea of what's wrong with your fish. is the patch fuzzy?
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    Help Please, Fungus? Pic Added!!!

    thanks for that link, IDK if it looks like fungus or bacteria but I'm leaning toward fungus. Gonna post a pic, let me know what you think it is... I want to get some meds going quick but I have no idea what to get, any suggestions... the fish is starting to sit on the bottom but is still eating... [​IMG]

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    Questions on fungus treatment/hospital tank?

    OK, my fish has fungus pretty bad, I need answers to the following:

    I'm going to use maracyn most likely unless someone knows of something better.

    Here's my questions:

    Do I separate the sick fish to a hospital tank?

    Both fish have it now :(

    If I treat the whole tank (ie both fish w/o hospital tank) will I lose my ecology?

  12. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

  13. Caligo'sKeeper Member Member

    yes, it is. I ended up getting a 10 gal hospital tank and started them on a Maracyn treatment, from the description on the package I'm guessing what I have is Columnaris. Both fish have it now. :( My next question is do I have to do anything to treat the regular tank before they go back?
  14. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm going to merge the threads so other members can see what's already been suggested.
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    UPDATE: totally Frustrated!!! Advice?

    OK, I've had my two new fish have columnaris, have been in a hospital tank for 4 days so far in a 5 day maracyn treatment (which according to the package can be repeated once) Problem is I see NO improvement! My poor oranda hardly has a tail fin anymore :(( both fish are still eating and I can see the treatment in the water, when will they show improvement!!! I'm so frustrated and sad... having just lost Caligo recently and having got these as a gift only to have them be sick (unfortunately my husband got them at Petsmart and recalls that there were dead ones in the next tank over...) and now I'm affraid I may lose them to... :( which I can deal with, I'm a grown up, but my poor kid was heart broken when Caligo died, since she was 3 years older than he is... now if these other fish die... I just don't know... I feel terrible. :(
  16. yukoandk Member Member

    Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your fish. I'm no expert in diagnosing illness nor prescribing medication, but you may want to try salt. I was successful in the past to treat minor fuzzes and spots on my goldfish with salt and water changes. This was mainly because I didn't feel confident enough in selecting the right medication for the case, and like I said the problems were minor and caught early. The only medication I tried was medicated food called Medi-Gold for my oranda who had buoyancy problems and at one time got all her tail fin chewed up--she was a mess. It maybe helpful to treat the infection internally as well as externally in your case.

    Until someone here can come up with the diagnose and the correct medication, salt can be effective on multiple of problems including fungus which I think what your fish has (--don't quote me on that though.) If you see no improvement from maracyn as expected after a course of treatment, take them off it. If you decide to try salt, start with 1% concentration which is 1 tea spoon per 1 gal of water. Start with a water change, pre-dissolve the salt before adding to the tank, watch for signs of distress, and gradually raise the concentration up to 3% (3 tea spoons in 1 gal of water) over 2-3 days. Keep track of how much salt is going in or out of the tank.

    I hope your fish pulls through. Good luck.

    p.s. Perhaps you can use the goldfish section for your posts. There are some goldfish experts here who maybe able to help you better.