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I'm about to become the owner of a property with a natural pond. It's about 100' by 30', and I'll be dredging it to 5' deep on one end, tapering up to the shallow end. It's fed from a small stream (a consistent trickle from adjacent wetlands), and will have a tendency to fill in. I'd like to combat that a bit with plants which will hold the bottom together without building it up.

I know very little about aquatic plants, but is there anything I can put in there which will proliferate without congesting? I'm thinking something grassy to cover the bottom which won't grow too tall? Open to any suggestions though which will make the pond healthier. End goal would be something I could swim in but would also support fish. Also important I don't add anything invasive as it connects to a river. This is in VT.


I would go with some water lilies and some reads on the shore, both you could keep under control.
As for a ground cover type plant something like val could work but might take over.


Well, the first and hugely most important thing to look in to would be native and invasive species and your local regulations regarding anything you are wanting to introduce into a wild/unregulated habitat. Once you get that information we will have a good idea of which plants we can choose from for your purposes.


Go speak with a local pond shop and see what’s in your area naturally then see if that is native or invasive. Lots of options out there.


I would walk up to the feeder stream and wetlands . See what is in there . That will be an unstoppable supply of seeds , small offcuts and stems floating down stream . If you like what you see those are the plants to work with IMO.

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