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    Good morning:

    I feel totally out of my element but: I bought several guppies for my daughter, we both enjoy them so much, but i must admitt i have no idea what i am doing. Within one week of purchase we had 4 little babies to both our surpirse! Now, i've read a little and realize about the pregnancy but I am still leary of "when" to seperate the mom to have the fry. She is very very fat and the black spot on the back of the abdomen is really black, is there something else i should look for? Help!!!!!! don't want to disappoint a 10 year old :D

    Thank You

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    WELCOME!!!! Guppys can give birth every 28 days and can give birth 4 times from one mating. So you may be in for many more babies ;) Depending on the tank size and alot of plants to hide in you may not have to seperate mom when it comes time to deliver. Hope that helps