new molly owner - shimmying

  1. n

    ninacolors New Member Member

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum and to aquariums. I originally got it for my cat, but she could care less, and I care a lot:)

    I've been thru all the "new hobbyist" crises, and already have a "nursery" with babies. One male and 2 female mollies. One of the females is shimmying and has a red "sore" just behind her gills on each side.

    I've only tested the amonia/nitrite/nitrate so far. Need to get a pH test and am waiting for salt and a thermometer to come in the mail.

    Is this something obvious that I can tell my local fish store (not PetSmart), and they'll know immediately? Or should I try to take a photo or draw a picture for them. The troubled molly female is pale gold. The other 2 are dalmations.

    TIA, and very glad to find a helpful group to get me thru these little crises. If I should post this in the beginner forum, pls let me know. I wanted to say "hi" and relate the problem at the same time.
  2. Chris123

    Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    A picture would help

    i dont really know much about red sores :(
    But the other members here might be able to help
  3. Regal

    Regal Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to fishlore!

    You'll probably get much better advice here that you will at the fish store. They're infamous for bad advice.

    I think it sounds like an amonia problem but wait for someone with more knowledge on the symptoms.

    What are your water test results? and what test are you using? Someone will be along soon to help.

    The cat's just toying with you lol
    Congrats on the babies!
  4. OP

    ninacolors New Member Member

    Ammonia is perfect (API test kit) and the 2 other mollies seem fine. It seemed to start as what I thought were red in the gills. I still have a lot to learn (obviously!), but I do think think these are just behind the gills and are identical.
  5. callichma

    callichma Well Known Member Member

    Are you sure the red spots are not just coloring. My platies are red behind the gills as part of their natural coloring. Is your ammonia 0? That's perfect. What is your nitrite and nitrate? You need those to know if you are cycled. Welcome, btw.
  6. OP

    ninacolors New Member Member

    Thanks:) I'm glad you mentioned that because my kit says "Ammonia/NH3/NH4, but it really only tests for ammonia (which is 0), but it doesn't really test for Nitrites/trates. Hmmmmm......... duh!

    Guess I need separate test kits - eh?

    And no, these are not natural coloration. She didn't have them when I got her, and she does now. And she's shimmying, so I know something's up.

    I just set up my tripod and will try to get a pic tomorrow.