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HI name is Mike, had fish nearly 10 years ago but had to give it up due to relocating houses and just before this lock down I was able to purchase myself a fluval 125 roma tank and stand. The setup came with a fluval 206, and an old 300w heater. This is my first time dealing with canisters external filters before so I headed to you-tube an got familiar, so the next day me and the girlfriend managed to get out before the lock down and purchase some decorations and a new background.

So we got home and was excited to get it all set up so I plugged everything in and arranged all the decor and started to fill her up. Once is was all complete I looked in the tank to find the heater cracked in two :( I forgot to unplug the heater lesson learnt and managed to pick up a new one.

As previously mentioned first time with canister filters I had set it all up and turn it on and was working and tank was looking mint. 5 or 10 mins must of passed by and I start to see water pouring out of the cupboard turned out the canister leaking. I checked the seal and gave it a good clean and re started it back up and no matter what it just keeps leaking. So off we went to LFS and managed to pick up a fluval 207. Got home and set it up and works a treat. Money was running dry at this point so I picked up some test strips needless to say there rubbish and have now upgraded to the apI liquid masterkit.

I have since been watching pondguru on you-tube, and have now placed an order for 1kg of bio home ultimate to replace the cheap media in the 207 filter. Fluval prefilter sponge to stop fry getting sucked up intake for possible future breeding. different media coarse medium and fine, Also got some Seachem Prime, Seachem stabilization and couple of marimo moss balls.

My next step is to buy a APS EF 2 filter booster and use that for mechanical and either still with my fluval 206 for biological and chemical or switch that out for the APS 1000EF filter.

I also have a family friend giving me a 3ft x 1ft tank to which I am hopefully gonna build my own stand once this lock down as been lifted.

Side note, I am a fan of Pleco's but GF like all the colorful fish so will probably stick with mollies, black phantoms tetras, dwarf gouramis.

Anyhow I welcome any feedback :)



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Welcome to Fishlore! I would make sure your cycle in your tank is well established before adding any other fish. You don't want ammonia poisoning, just more stress on you and your fish.

Do you have an estimate on how many gallons or liters the tank is? I am unfamiliar with dimensions, sorry.
Glad you got the test kit and Prime, Safestart, etc.

Keep us updated!


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HI and Welcome to Fishlore, its always tough when you first start out, but its a beautiful hobby to be in. Enjoy

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