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Hello everyone. I just started up a small ten-gallon tropical aquarium today. After treating the water and letting it run for a few days, I decided to start out with four small guppies. I was a kid when I first had a tropical tank. I am now in my late 30's and look forward to rekindling my hobby and sharing and learning from this forum.
Thanks for the welcome! It is amazing how things seem to have changed. When I was a kid, I just threw water in, added some dechlorinization additive and went to the store and got my fish. I had black mollys, sword tails, guppys, algae eaters and an albino catfish, also had some neon tetras which I enjoyed.
Seems like the technology and the care of fresh water tanks have come along way.
I need to research this cycling stuff a little more. I only let my tank run empty for a couple of days with some "Start Right". My tank was home to a gold fish for about 7 years before he died last week. I cleaned everything up and converted to tropical.
Does anyone have any suggestions on the amount of fish to have in a 10 gallon tank? I want to add more in the future, but I don't want to over do it. Thanks.
Are the Guppies male or female? or both? If they are females you are just about stocked. If they are males you still have a bit of room.
There are two different rules for stocking a tank:
one inch of fish per gallon, or
12 square inches of surface area per inch of fish (s.a. divided by 12)
The first rule gives you 10 inches, and the second rule 16.6 assuming you have a standard 20x10 inch tank. I would aI'm for 10, and then if your nitrates are low and there are no problems you could maybe add another fish or two. Be sure to use the fish's adult sizes, not their current size.
Well, lost one of my female guppies. The other three seem to be doing very well. Trials of starting up I guess. Went and got me an albino catfish today, along with an orange swordtail and a silver spotted molly. Excited to be back in the tropical aquarium scene once again.

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