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    I'm new here. I've had freshwater fish tanks pretty much all my life. Right now I'm running a 55 gallon with a common pleco (about 8 inches long...), 7 harlequin rasboras and a betta. I picked up some wisteria last night and have it floating. I'm new to plants, but want to figure out a way to get more plants in there that the pleco won't destroy. Anyway, here's my tank. The tube is for the betta. I will be looking for a larger cave soon.

    5.jpg 4.jpg
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    Welcome! Nice set up.
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    Hi and welcome! Beautiful tank!

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    Hi and welcome!
    Pretty tank!
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    Welcome! You will love it here :)
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    Welcome and great looking tank. Someday I am going to have to try a planted tank. Thanks

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    Hi Ruby and Welcome to Fishlore!!!