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    My name is Danny, and I am a new member here (as you can tell, duh). Been keeping fish for about 3 weeks now... And the least to say is now, I am addicted.. Weird.

    Anyways, when I first got into fish was again, 3 weeks ago. I didn't know anything about them, nothing at all, and.. I did NO research whatsoever...

    A week before that I had bought two red eared sliders from a Liquor store?, I know weird... Very weird, they were 3$ each so why not?. I also bought a small tank, maybe it was a 1 gallon tank? or less maybe.

    A week passed and my girlfriend and I decided we needed a bigger tank for our little red eared sliders, they're so cute ^-^ ..

    We went to the store, an expensive fish store, owners were no help, everything was dusty & more expensive than Petco. But nonetheless we bought a 20 gallon tank. Pretty long, along with the tank I bought a Green Terror, 2 ANgel fish, 6 .. IDK what kinda fish to be honest..

    We bought a filter, (didn't even read the label, it was a 10 gallon filter, the owner recommended it)... The owner gave us some fish food, little red granules, and he gave us an ammonia, & chlorine conditioner .. thingy...

    I had read on forums that turtles and fish in the same tank were a HORRIBLE idea.. But i was being stubborn and still went for it... My girlfriend and I went home, VERY excited with our new stuff...

    Setup the tank with pebbles at the botton, a decoration rock so fish can hide behind, and the filter. We added the water to the tank & added the conditioners just like the man had told us to do so. We waited about 45 minutes.

    We got our first bag of fish, (the little 6 fish, mollies I think?).. And dumped the whole bag contents in there, with water and everything.. After we got the other fish and dumped them in there, our turtles were kept in another small tank.. for now...

    We rushed to Petco and got a floaty thingy for the turltes to bask on.While we were there, I was looking at fish, suddenly I saw an eel. Snowflake eel. I instantly bought it..

    We went home and dumped that eel in there with the water it was on... We installed the float for the turtles and dumped the turtles in there. We had bought another decorationfor the tank and threw it in there...

    It looked nice, the water was clear, for about 10 minutes then it started to become cloudy..We decided to feed the fish.. ALOT of food.. We thought it was normal...

    We had to get to school, so we left the fish alone for about 4 hours. When we came home, about 11pm. We noticed the water was REALLY cloudy. To the point where we could barely see anything. We saw the eel at the bottom, dead of course. we saw one of our angel fish dead at the bottom also... We saw 2 of our little molly looking fish, dead as well....

    OH! and did I forget we also threw in there 15 fishies (the little tiny ones that cost 15cents at petco).. Almost all of those were dead also...

    I was heartbroken, what had I done wrong?? :( .... We immediately put all the fish in the small tank we had and started replacing ALL the water ...

    We threw the dead fish away.. filled up the tank and conditioned the water with the water conditoners.. we waited an hour, and the fish went in again.. it was about 1:10am already in the morning.. I was exhausted and tired, I had to wake up at 5am for work..

    I didn't want fish anymore!!! .. There and then I got my phone and started looking up random things about maintenance for an aquarium.. I learned about "Cycling" ...

    I didn't know about ammonia, i didn't even know why my fish had died.. I learned ALMOST everything that night. I ended up sleeping around 3am just reading about fish and aquariums...

    The following day when I got home from work, I changed about 30% of the water.. fed the fishies, a LITTLE bit... I did this for about a week.. everyday i read endless amounts of online articles..

    3 weeks later here we are.. My water is SUPER clean.. Ammonia today is about 2ppm ... I still change the water everyday, feed the fishies once a day with minimal amounts. I can officially say I'm addicted to this fish cycle thing...

    My fish are doing great in an uncycled tank, and with 8 fish in the tank, and 2 turtles.. They don't show any signs of stress.. So far it's doing well. But forsure soon I will try to upgrade the tank to a bigger one..

    Needless to say I had to learn the hardway...
    well that's my story..
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    Wow....... well it sure was not a good idea to mix feeder goldfish with mollies with an eel with a green terror with turtles with angelfish, there would have been a bloodbath in your aquarium anyways.
    Goldfish are coldwater fish that will not tolerate being with tropical fish.
    They also have a large bio-load. They also usually come with tons of diseases.
    The green terror may eat some of your other fish and need a larger tank than the one you have.
    The turtles may eat your fish---- I am sure you already knew that, though.
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    Hello and welcome.
    Sounds like you were off to a rocky start! :(
    Glad you found fishlore.
    There are lots of great articles on keeping fish!
    Those turtles are going to need there own place-no fishies, imo.
    May need to go ahead and get that bigger tank.

    Lastly, keep doing those daily water changes and make sure to always add the water conditioner.
    Good luck and read, read, read, and then read some more-fish are not near as easy as people are lead to believe! :)
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