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Hello, My name is TJ, I am 32 and I work more than I don't, so I took up a hobby as a fish dad.. I am a bit of an over achiever when I take on anything in my life. I try to follow a very simple but also complex rule in life, if you're going to do something... don't do half measures. So, with my fish... I strive for their well being.
I have a 29gal tank(1 month) and a 10 gallon tank
Both have a filtration system and heaters set for 80° where my temp Guage is always within that range. My readings are good on nitrites, nitrates, KH, GH, ph is a tad high 8.0, and air stones buried under gravel. With decorations not to much, not to little.. room to hide and move.
Currently, I have 3 neon tetras, 1 goldfish (givin to me with the tank, who is also the largest fish in the tank.. roughly 4 inches currently, 1 pictus catfish, 2 snails, 1 gold dust molly.

However, last night after my 10 hour shift I had to rush to Meijers at 6am to buy a 10 gallon aquarium to quarantine a jerk fish that goes against my rules of life, had been one of a few, purchased additions to my fresh water aquarium, due to me have never studied what I was buying other than how cool they would look in my tank. So shame on me, I know.

Anyhow, this particular fish is what I believe to be a Demasoni Cichlid, apparently not a very good community fish. Especially in smaller aquarium setups... He had destroyed what I also didn't mention in my "casting" list for my showcase.. a juvenile angelfish, who's fins were darn near gone, the poor guy.. and seen that Cichlid going around punking my other fish..
So, now he's alone in a 10gal. So he can pick on his reflection until I know how to handle this properly..
I treated the community tank with API Stress Coat.. hoping the angel fish recovers (googled if their fins grow back) but I think I might just have to take him out of his misery. He's healthy as all the other fish other than his ability to swim with his jacked fins.. So he kinda just lays flat and sometimes remains steady and then gives up.. I think it's time to let em go...

Now, that my Cichlid has left the community in 24 hours, my other fish are more active than they've ever been... I feel like I just dropped a predator into a community of good fish... thoughts on everything?
I'll have to take pictures my next opportunity, but this was taken when I was moving a few things around and tried taking a picture of my catfish and you could see him flying, with the community hanging out in the reflection.


Hi TJayPoling and welcome to fishlore.

We all make mistakes, it would seem you are no different?

You will be sure to study/ research any future fish after this .
I don’t have demasoni cichlids but see they are fish that does need a group of its own kind in a minimum 55 gallon.
You may be able to surrender the fish back to the shop without getting any money back?

My thoughts .
A humans or beginners idea of what a community tank could be are often nothing like what fish want or need. I have found limiting the number of species and having larger groups of one or two species per tank to be more successful long term .

I suggest you research the GH requirements for neon tetras and mollies as well as the cichlid.
If your tap water is suitable the neons need a large group. The books might say 6-8 , I suggest 15 is a minimum.

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It’s true that a tank breed goldfish can probably live with any GH ,that is not the case with other species. Check out the GH for goldfish and neons.
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Ironically it would seem that your tank conditions (ph at least) are suited to keeping african cichlids like demasoni but they are highly aggressive, hence why it has been chaos in your tank. The demasoni cant stay, so you will need to rehome unless you get a bigger tank and stick to african cichlids.

you definitely need to have a think and do plenty of research into what fish you want to keep, as well as asking questions on here. Im sure there will be plenty of help on offer.
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Welcome to FishLore! You’ve landed in the right place to get things sorted out.
Did I read correctly that you also have a goldfish?
If you are considering returning the cichlid you may want to consider returning the goldfish as well. Depending on what type of goldfish you have you may need a bigger tank just for him. Goldfish can grow quite large and are very messy. It is recommended that you have 20 gallons per fish for the fancy types and more if you have a common or comet. Also 80 degrees is a little warm for a Goldie. While they can handle the higher temp, they are not tropical fish and prefer much cooler temps. I keep mine at 72-74 degrees.
Absolutely no worries at all. Most of us have been where you are and we can help you sort it all out have a tank (or tanks) where you and the fish are happy!
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Hi, and Welcome to Fishlore,
We all started out learning so don't beat yourself up.
One thing I've always said, you learn something new everyday no matter what it is.
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86 ssinit

Great advice already given! Welcome to fishlore. What I’d do . Return the cichlid. Than put the angel in the 10g and add salt with no iodide. 1 tbs. his fins will grow back. May take a month but the will come back. As to the rest. The Goldie will need a bigger tank. But can handle the higher temps.
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I appreciate everyone's advice, thank you for taking the time to reply. I had read everything and done some changes since then, I just never sat down for a response until now...

(55 Gallon, 1 Heater set at 79-80°, 50G filter, with air stones)
I upgraded to a 55Gal tank, with a 50Gal filter, I'm either going to upgrade that filter or just add a second 50Gal filter on the other side.
In this tank I have the same 3 GloTetras, 1 Pictus Catfish, 2 Snails, and a Pleco. With 2 live plants, I forgot the name of them, but the lady mentioned they're the most hardy of the types of plants you can add.
I told the lady, we'll have to either get more Tetra, or return the 3 we have, being school fish. She doesn't seem to care about them much but doesn't want to get more or return those. o_O Yeah, I might just have to decide for her.

(29 Gallon, 1 Heater set at 79-80°, 30G Filter, with air stones)
So, my old aquarium has another plant that's also used in 55G tank, 2 female African Cichlids with un-identical patterns where I believe it'll be ok to add 2 more un-identical, 1male and 1female African Cichlids. If I go this route, the 29G will have 3 females and 1 male African Cichlids. If this is acceptable, what kind of bottom feeder can I get away with using with these types of fish? My Google searches leave me with no solid answers. A Pleco would and wouldn't be in danger, from various sources.
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