New Low Light Aquarium

  1. djfbaby01 Member Member

    I'm starting a new 20 gallon aquarium and this time I wanted to try a few low light plants. I picked up some of those plant bulbs and a few java ferns and anubias. So far the plant bulbs have grown pretty fast in just a few days. They all look green and heathy. But I was wondering if I should be adding any plant foods to the aquarium. I picked up a package of the flourish tabs but I didn't know if I'd need those or not. I haven't placed the anubias or the java fern in the aquarium yet as I've been looking for a good way to weigh them down in the tank. The water temperature is about 75 degrees and the lighting is just the marineland LEDs that came with the tank. I plan on adding ammonia later today to begin cycling the tank but I just needed to know if there was anything else I should be doing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    The plants are aponogeton ulvaceus, water lily (not picture, I added it after the picture was taken) and the other I can't think of the name.

  2. Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    Java fern and anubius can just be tied to your root ornament. They can be planted but do better being on driftwood, rocks or something similar. I have a low light 20 as well, cryptocorynes are good- i have 4 types in my tank, i also have duckweed, water wisteria (can be planted or floated) dwarf sag (its a carpeting plant, looks like grass) hygrophila (sp?), subwassertang, a banana plant, amazon swords, and probably more that I'm forgetting about. I just now started using ferts but thats because my plants started getting holes in thier leaves. Root tabs are good, just put them under the gravel near the roots of the apongetans and lily. Java fern and anubias wont really use root tabs, and if you do plant them make sure the rhizome (main stem the roots come off of) is above the gravel.
  3. djfbaby01 Member Member

    Should I be adding anything for the java fern or anubias? I added root tabs for the aponogeton and lily last night. And also can thread be used to tie the anubias and java fern to small stones?
  4. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    yes, you can use cotton thread, fishing line and even rubberbands to attach plants to hardscape.
  5. Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    Thread is fine, ive used it for a few things. Theres a few liquid ferts you can use, most use the Seachem ferts, i have api leafzone. It works *shrug*.
  6. djfbaby01 Member Member

    I picked up a bottle of the leaf zone. Should I add the recommended dose for a 20 gallon or should I go with a smaller amount? And also would it hurt my cycle to add it? I recently started to cycle this new tank.
  7. Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    I do the recommended dose, i dont see any reason why it would affect your cycle.
  8. djfbaby01 Member Member

    Ok thanks I'll add some now.
  9. djfbaby01 Member Member


    What would cause these bubbles on the surface of my water?
  10. guthrieb08 Member Member

    Never seen that before kinda curious to know what caused it.